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 "God keeps records, too" ~ Extreme Devotion

Florica was skeptical and resisted hope. For weeks now, they had seen women leaving the prison. No one knew where they were being taken as the names were called out and the women gathered in the prison yard. Maybe they really were being released.

And so, when she heard her name called, she resigned herself to accept God’s will, no matter what it was.

The major behind the desk said, “In this place, you must know that I am more powerful than God. At least, up to this point your God has not made any interventions on your behalf. But have you really accepted this? I mean, you must realize by now that in a Communist society, a god is not needed! And you shouldn’t need one either. If you are ever released from here, you will see for yourself the amazing achievements we have made in the last few years, and this is just the beginning!”

Florica looked at the documents on his desk and responded, “I see that you are powerful. And I’m sure you have documents there about me that I’ve never seen that can decide my fate. But God keeps records, too. Neither one of us would have life without him. So whether he keeps me here or sets me free, I’ll accept that as best for me.”

Three days later, Florica was released.

[i]When children are in school they quickly learn the power of the chalkboard. In a child’s perspective, having one’s name written on the board by the teacher is the ultimate accountability for rebellious students. As children, we longed for those who were causing us trouble to get their name written up. We were sure punishment would be swift and certain. Have we lost a bit of that childlike trust? Are we so jaded by the proliferation of evil in today’s world that we no longer believe God is still “taking names”? The Bible teaches us that the whole world is accountable to God. So, don’t lose heart when you see evil seemingly going unpunished. God will bring them to justice.[/i]

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 Re: "God keeps records, too" ~ Extreme Devotion

That is very good. And very true! Thank you for posting this, Joy! It is a good reminder!

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