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 Only Love

this was shared from a young person who has been born again and given their life to Jesus. This is their prayer and their heart. It was shared with me and I thought I would pass it along.
God Bless

a prayer to Jesus after seeing that not only did He die for me, suffer rejection from His Father for me, take on the world's sin and defeat death itself for me, but through all of it, through the incredible indescribable pain and agony He Loved me and He still Loves me as He loves all who are His purely and freely- i want to Love Him like that!

Only Love

The night had surrounded
The journey at hand
A cup full of suffering
Serpent lay where you stand

Through your tears falling down
You prayed “Your will be done
I am ready my Father
I’m your servant your Son”

The serpent lay crushed
As soldiers came to that place
Confusion whirled round
Yet peace reigned on your face

And as I gazed at you Jesus
Just one thing did I see
Heaven’s light in your eyes
So completely free

Only love did I see
As they bound and they beat
Only love perfect love
Caused the devil’s defeat

Only love in your eyes
When they tore at your skin
Only love from above
As you took on all sin

They pulled and they dragged
and they kicked at you
they mocked and spat
and laughed all through

They maimed your body
They spilled your blood
They pierced and they nailed you
Knocked you down in the mud

But you took up the cross
Like a lamb led to die
Embracing the tree
Silent love in your eye

Only love did I see
Under your crown of thorns
Only love in your heart
As your limbs they were torn

Only love in your eyes
As you became the sacrifice
Only love from above
As your life paid the price

There was no self-pity
No longing for end
No hate for your people
Only prayers you gave them

For even in death
You prayed, “Father forgive”
You bore His rejection
So sinners could live

Not once turning back
Though in pain all the while
Peace beyond understanding
Upon you like a smile

Only love did I see
As I bound and I beat
Only love perfect love
Caused the devil’s defeat

Only love in your eyes
When I tore at your skin
Only love from above
As you took on my sin

I’ve pulled and dragged
and I’ve kicked at you
I’ve mocked and spat
and laughed all through

I’ve maimed your body
I’ve spilled your blood
I’ve pierced and I’ve nailed you
Knocked you down in the mud

Yet you climbed on the cross
So willing to die
Pierced for my sins
Yet with love in your eye

I am so unworthy
That you’ve done that for me
I’m ashamed of my weakness
And betrayal, and life lived selfishly

For all the while you
Spilt your blood
With compassion and victory
With love like a flood

Father forgive me
A servant I come
Conquer my heart
Your battle be won

Only love did I see
As you carried the cross
Only love in your heart
For the lambs who were lost

Only love on your face
As you fell to the ground
Only true perfect love
So those lambs could be found

Only love perfect love
To cast out all fear
Only you are my love
I’ll forever draw near

Only love in those eyes
As the blood ran down
With love set apart
I lay before you my crown

Love like an arrow
Cut deep to my soul
Cleanse me and take me
Making me whole

I hear your words
As I live in today
“Will you follow me child
Will you come my way?

Will you drink this cup
Will you give up your life
I gave all for you
Will you give up your pride?”

I fall in deep pits, Lord
But you’re love’s deeper still
You see only the Son in me,
This is your will

And I know that my vows
Are still written on your heart
“You’re my Lord and my God
I shall not from you depart

You alone have the words
That speak my destiny
To whom else could I go
Who else could I believe?”

Love’s who you are
And who I wanna be
Peal the scales from my eyes
That I might truly see

Take all I have
Take all that I am
Make a beautiful place
Of my 21 grams

Only love let there be
As I take up my cross
Only your perfect love
Through this journey and cost

Only love in my eye
Because you are inside
An obedience of love
Violent crushing of pride

You’ve called me to live
Blameless and free
To die to my sin
Faithful and triumphantly

You’ve called me to join
In your death, that’d I’d see
To share in your suffering
Will set captives free

So my step by your step
My Hand in your hand
I follow after you
To the Promised Land

And I gaze ever at you
Seeing love ever there
Open my heart to love
This is my prayer

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