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 Oh really?!

Hello Fellow Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

I'm in another family situation again, this time it left Mom depressed and easily irritable. Dad is feeling okay though, but he too seems down.

You see, we have a local panhandler who goes around begging money. I'm unsure as to whether he's homeless or is just doing this to get money off of people. Of course either way, it doesn't make him any less lost, does it?

Well, I had dealings with this man before I was saved, and I still did give him some money. After that first time, my parents taught me that he was just doing that to get money off of people, that he's lying, etc. I mean, I still don't honestly know what to believe, but I do know Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

The night before last night, one of my prayers was that I would be given the opportunity to help someone in need, and would you believe Jesus gave me that opportunity?!

Yesterday, my parents and I decided to try a recently remodeled Burger King, and we were all eating and talking and just getting along fine. That's when the panhandler came in and asked my Dad for help. Dad, knowing who this man was, sharply reply, "NO!" Instead of me getting up and saying, "Brother, I can do more than help you. If you would like, I can tell you about the way to Life Everlasting", I told Dad, "You should show that man some compassion." It basically started an argument about the man, and then I mentioned the magic words, "A good witnessing opportunity," and boy what a commotion that caused. However, there wasn't any yelling until we were on the way home.

Mom asks, "What if the person ignores you?" I said, "Better to give them something to think about than nothing at all, and it's time to move on." Mom asks, "What if the person says 'f off'?" I said, "Then it's time to move on." "What if the person slaps you in the face?" "You turn the other cheek" They scream, "That's ridiculous! Jesus didn't mean it like that! People will shun you! People won't like you! You're throwing your life away! The idea of you going to college is not just to learn, it's for you to make some friends!" (You mean like the pair of vipers poking fun of my fellow brothers and sisters?) I scream, "You don't understand at all about what Jesus commanded us to do! He is my Lord and I love Him with all of my heart! He is my number one concern and I want to do as he commanded!" Mom and Dad rolled their eyes with smirks on their faces, and Mom said, "Oh my G**." I screamed, "Stop your scoffing!" (Now I don't know if this is breaking Commandment number 5 or not, but I already confessed through prayer. I may as well, since Jesus wants me to confess any sin to Him!)

So, we get home, the purpose of which was to drop me off so I can study psychology and they can go grocery shopping. I went upstairs, weeping, needing to connect to Jesus through prayer, when I heard the door open. I went downstairs to see what the matter was, and then it was two against one, Mom upset and crying, Dad level-headed and calm. Mom screamed that I cared more about the panhandler than her, that "those websites you're on are turning you against me!" Dad told me stories of his attempts to witness! He actually tried witnessing long ago, but became discouraged and gave up.

Not to go off the subject, but the odd thing is, the commotion also gave me ample opportunity to discuss about why I object to the Harry Potter movie, that Jesus said to avoid all appearances of evil, and that "Why would a Christian be caught dead in a movie about the occult?"

After all was said and done, they left for the grocery store, and I prayed non-stop for at least an hour. I was weeping and upset. I don't know if my parents are truly saved or not, or if they're blind. I was upset that a good witnessing opportunity was ruined, one that I prayed for!

To be honest, these past couple of days have been really trying, and the temptation to give up is really great, but the fear of the One Who can toss me to the pits is even greater, and my love for Him far exceeds even my fear.

So here are some questions that have arised from the incident. My mother did ask, "How will you support yourself?!" My question to you all is, how do you support yourself financially besides God giving you what you need, or is everything provided by God? (I'm sorry if the question is personal. My apologies if it is, and you needn't answer it. I do know from firsthand experience that God gives what is needed to those who ask.)

The next question I have is, can somebody be saved, misinterpret the Scriptures, and not attempt to save the lost? Only a True God can know the hearts of any individual, and guess what, I'm not He! I'm simply His servant (or want to be so badly). But didn't He say, "You'll know them by their fruits"? My parents have this view that witnessing is by example, not by "being so irritating people will want to punch you". That "you'll witness through your music". (Then they mention Danny Gokey as an example of a Christian leading by example. Right.) Is this really true, or is this what I think it is, a worldly view on what witnessing "should" be? Should not witnessing be both by example and reaching the lost?

My final question is, are there any ways to witness without my parents finding out? By that, I mean, ordering a bunch of tracts or New Testaments to leave in clever locations? Is this a good thing to do, or is this simply a cop out from what witnessing should be about? This question, I'm not too sure about.

Either way, any help is, as always, appreciated! God bless you all.


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 Re: Oh really?!

I was upset that a good witnessing opportunity was ruined, one that I prayed for!

I believe He [i]did[/i] send you the opportunity to witness - to your parents.

1 Tim 3 should be read by all who desire to work for Him in [i]any[/i] capacity.
Too many neglect the Scriptures regarding their homelife to leave home to make converts.

You had it right to repent of not honoring your mother and father and could have handled the situation better with them. If they are lukewarm, they are your first ministry. It must be done in love.

Sometimes, we're all tempted to "win a convert" in a Brownie point - or Cub Scout badge manner - not seeing that the ones who He Really wants us to reach are right under our noses - daily.

I believe that God calls us to honor parents and be good spouses in order to "humble us" first. It [i]is[/i] very humbling to 'submit' to those we know best - very humbling. I don't mean to submit against God's Word, but submit our attitudes toward them to God.

Keep praying for opportunities to 'witness', but see Every Situation or whoever is engaging you as His answer.

GOD Bless you!

 2009/9/14 14:26

 Re: Oh really?!

My question to you all is, how do you support yourself financially besides God giving you what you need, or is everything provided by God?

When you are in the wil of God, He will always take care of you. He will open doorways, creat opportunities, ad even send people to you in order to meet your needs.It may be emotionally difficult at tmes, but He is always right on time. He's never early and never late. It just takes faith in order to trust Him.

There have been many times in my walk, that seemed inmpossible for my needs to be met, but He has come through each and every time. One time I was sent to North Carolina with a little over $300.00, no job, and no place to live other than my car. But I knew that it was Him, so I went. I slept in my car until I got to the point where I had a decision to make, I had just enough money to be able to make it back to Michigan. Did I go back or did I stay. I decided to trust Him and I stayed. I got down to $6 exactly and didn't know what I was going to do. One day while I was sitting in a park reading the Scripture, a distant cousin came and found me and everything was worked out. I could tell you of many, many times where He has provided for me in these kinds of ways. He'll do the very same thing for you and anyone who puts their trust in Him. Just keep your focus on doing what He asks of you and being where He asks you to be. It really is that simple.

The next question I have is, can somebody be saved, misinterpret the Scriptures, and not attempt to save the lost?

There are many people who misinterpret many Scriptures all the time, but still attain salvation in the end. One must remember that not everyone is given the calling of an evangelist. While it is true we should be attentive in taking advantage of opportunities to speak the truth, whether it is sharing the good news with the lost or sharing truth with a borther or sister, we shouldn't expect everyone to be as burdened to reach out to the lost as one may be themselves. Not everyone is called to this. Yes some people use cop outs in order to avoid sharing the truth. But sometimes it's not so.

My parents have this view that witnessing is by example, not by "being so irritating people will want to punch you". That "you'll witness through your music". (Then they mention Danny Gokey as an example of a Christian leading by example. Right.) Is this really true, or is this what I think it is, a worldly view on what witnessing "should" be? Should not witnessing be both by example and reaching the lost?

I would agree with what your parents are saying, but at the same time agree with your understanding, too. Both are correct, though neither one are complete. Has called your parents to be evangelists? Has He given them the grace to operate this way? It may be that they refuse to reach out at all to the lost because of various issues in their own walks. But it also may be that they simply are called to operate in the same manner as you feel led to do so. Neither you, nor your parents should judge each other in how you operate unless it is something which is clearly in violation of God's nature and will. But from what you have shared, it really does seem that your parents are more concerned with being acceptable to the world rathe than with being pleasing to the Lord. Sounds like too much political correctness seeping in.

If you are led to operate in a fashion which is displeasing to your parents, then you simply need to ask the Lord to give you peace in what you are doing or going to do. Don't let your parents dictate to you what you should be doing, only the Lord should do that. But be attentive to any wisdom which they may share. If you are led to share tracts and have peace, then do it. If you are lead to approach someone and talk to them, then do so. Let peace be your guide. If you're forcing things or operating out of a spirit which is telling you 'you got to be doing something', then know that this is just you wanting to being doing something and that you aren't in His rest. Again, remain in His rest and let peace be your guide.

 2009/9/14 15:16

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 Re: Oh really?!

Dear Jim,

Honor your parents - that is God's command for you. As I see it, they are not against your Christian walk. Rather they are against the "shotgun" approach to witnessing that you seem bent on accomplishing. They love you - that is clear. They don't want you to fail or be hurt. I cannot see any reason in all this why you felt justified to scream at your parents.

You may be aware that the Christian church in America has lost the fire and the power of the Holy Spirit that it once had. Many believe that one major cause of this is the simplified concept of sharing and salvation that is embodied in the 5-minute witnessing blitz using tracts and a simple prayer of acceptance that has no basis at all in Scripture. Paul Washer explains it in his sermon: [url=]The True Gospel[/url]

Witnessing, if done properly, should always draw people's hearts towards God. Your parents have more wisdom than you give them credit for:

My parents have this view that witnessing is by example, not by "being so irritating people will want to punch you".

I know this to be true because I myself was saved by the life witness of Christians, who did not preach to me but showed me, through their daily lives, what Christianity is really like. I might add that someone also tried to win me through tract evangelism in a very irritating way that I purposely "rejected Jesus and chose the devil" just so she would get out of my face.

Jim, the Christian life is NOT to focus in doing things that people say a Christian must do; it is focusing on God, knowing God, and loving God so much that one begins to love others as God does. Do this and only this, and everything else will fall into place.

Mt 22:36-40 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: [color=CC3300]“ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”[/color]

Don't get caught up in the "what-to-dos", but focus first on the "what-to-be" --- that is to be a lover of God and to be loving and kind to everyone.

As you express your love to God by reading his Word and obeying his commands, you will grow as a Christian. You will be surprised at how different God's commands can be from the commands of men, even those who claim leadership in the church.

Ultimately, your faith, your salvation, and your Christian walk is a personal matter between you and God alone. People who try to interpose can mess things up.

In Christ's Love,

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 Re: Oh really?!

First off, I'd like to say it takes a lot to say those kinds of things in front of your parents. I started talking more about my faith around my mom, and she later admitted that I know more about the scriptures than her, and she's a Sunday school teacher, and I'm only 19! There's not that many kids who will talk about their faith around their parents like that, unless they're children... Okay, onto the answering of your questions... I'm married to a wonderful wife and we are both in college so you can imagine the stress we go through together. We pray CONSTANTLY! Set your feet on the rock son! Build your foundation on him! Romans 12:2 says "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." You ask (in summary): How do we support ourselves? Well let me ask you this: Define "support". Support (in that context) is something created by the flesh! My wife and I pray everyday that God just get us through to tomorrow, and when the time is right to be called home to Him, we ask it be His will. We don't support ourselves by the way, God does. I think without God's help, we wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING. Let's be honest, who breathes the breath of life into our lungs every morning? Don't look on the things of this world to support you: Money, jobs, friends, and I know it's hard to say, but family too. Anyone who is of the flesh will fail you. Look upon God to support you. As for the ordering of tracts or New Testaments, I can't say much. I was at church yesterday, and upon leaving the service, my wife wanted to leave our Bibles in the sanctuary while we went to eat. I said "What if someone steals them?" she said "Well I've always thought if someone steals my Bible, they must need it more than me!" So I take her side on this one. Because she's right! If anyone has questions about the Bible you left there for them, God will take their hand and open the Bible to the right page if you are not there. God bless you, brother! I wish you well in all that you do in becoming our Lord's servant!

Lucas Hughes

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 Re:Milk, meat and a meeting at the King's.

Jim: How old are you? are you of age? It seems to me, that you are beginning your own faith walk with God, and perhaps your parents are in another place.

It is not your place to judge your father's faith, but to learn to walk in your own. You need to support your father, and also realize that he does not walk your walk or speak for you; but he is still your dad. I think that this homeless fellow is just circumstantial; an event that exposed a larger issue.

Jesus did not minister to everyone he saw, nor heal everyone that was sick. Walk according to your faith; not criticize others who do not. God will surely make a way for that.

You may need to get out on your own, at least in some capacity....maybe a mission trip, or mentoring position in an outreach or homeless shelter. Then, your faith and ministry can be of your own, and this will help you grow.

I would show this to your parents, also, as I'm sure they would appreciate seeing how you feel.....tom

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Oh really?! How old are you?


How old are you? I read through your post but didn't see it (doesn't mean it's not there!). Your age depends a lot on the what everyone shares on here!

If you are underage, you must obey/submit to your parents, no matter how they are against what you want to do; the person you need to talk to about it is God. Everything I go through, I try to learn from it. Maybe you can use this as a learning experience for your future...

Learning total submission to your parents (even when you think their decisions are crazy) will be very good for you especially 1. for first-hand knowledge as a future husband - in order to get understanding as to how your wife may feel under your leadership... (in case she might think your decisions are crazy too!). If you don't like your parents leadership, you may need to have a few one-on-one's with the Lord as to how to change things about yourself because we do tend to follow in our parents footsteps in a lot of ways, both the good, the bad and the ugly!

And #2, submit to your parents to learn how to submit to the Lord 100%. I truly wish it hadn't taken me as long as it has to learn and I'm not quite sure I really know all that much now. I'm still learning!

Being underage, the Lord knows your plight and will understand your being held back by your parents. Remember to apply it to your future wife, the Lord will understand her plight as well! The Lord is really cool like that!

God bless you Jim, you sound like you have a great head on your shoulders for the Lord and you are willing to learn.


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Dear Fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I just want to say that if I misled anybody into thinking I'm younger than I really am, I apologize. I'm 25, although I do act immature for my age. I still live with my parents not only because I love them, but right now it seems to be the best living situation until I can get out on my own. Being in college, there don't seem to be that many good affordable housing options available yet.

That being said, thank you all for your words of wisdom and rebuking! I'm glad to be corrected when I'm wrong, because it edifies me and opens my eyes! The reason I became upset this time was not out of anger but rather a fear of my parents ending up somewhere they would not expect to go. I love them a lot, and I didn't realize that I was doing wrong.

Indeed, I am still a newborn Christian, one month, 2 weeks, just about. There are many things that I don't understand yet other than the greatest commandments, that is "Love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself." I started studying the Bible seriously two weeks ago, starting in the Gospel of John, and am currently in Luke.

Of course, there are some passages that cause me some worry. There's the Parable of the Sower in Luke 8, and The Vine and the Branches in John 15. How can I tell if my parents are producing the good spiritual fruits? How can I know I'm producing good fruits? I don't want to be the bare branch that gets tossed into the fire.

Another thing is, I thought that the Christian calling, the Will of the Lord, was to go out to witness and save souls. Now I'm confused and worried, because I don't know what God's Will is for me so that I may submit to it. How can I be sure that something is God's Will and not my own mind and heart playing tricks on me (like it did when I was attempting to witness to my parents)? Is it by testing and being transformed via renewal of mind? What does Romans 12:2 mean by testing? How can I be sure when God is speaking to me and when He isn't?

As far as God providing for those who ask, well we were on a family outing today, and during our ride, we got lost. I had to stop to use the restroom, asking God for a sign or something to help me, because I still thought my parents were lost (spiritually that is). In the bathroom, there it was! A Chick tract no less (as these were the tracts I was thinking about purchasing)! That one in particular.

The title is ironic, because it was no accident that I found that. Now, I'm trying to discern if it was meant for:

A. Me, to remind me of the basics of my Faith.
B. Parents, to remind them of the basics of the Faith if they didn't know it already.
C. Me, a divine suggestion on how I can witness for Christ, via leaving tracts and Bibles in various places and not pushing them on anyone.
D. All of the above.

Also, thank you for the link to Paul Washer. I'm loading it now as we speak so that I may watch it after I'm done posting.

Thank you all for your help, rebuking, and suggestions! God bless you all, and I look forward to some more help. Thank you for your fellowship! I'm so glad to have found this forum, because it's difficult finding a good church these days that isn't slipping into apostasy of some sort. :-?


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Hmm, this is a interesting post with a lot of good stuff in it.

Hey brother,

my 2 cents...

When we are young and new Christians we often have zeal which is good, but we can sometime come to extremes. However, on the other hand we can find Christians that are not extreme enough. I have found with myself that on some issues I have been extreme and on some issues the other Christians right and some I was right on in my zeal and the other lukewarm.

Some have given you some really good advice already.

One thing I will say is that you can get a lot of answers and will. However, there are still always going to be things you don't have answers on and that is God trying you to make you grow in faith and glorify Him. So often all the answers don't come fast. As a young Christian just be patient knowing that you might not figure it all out, but trust God with perseverance and He will come through. I believe that you will find if you truly in your heart are seeking to do God's will that over time He will show you that He wants you to do His will even more then you do so He will be with you to help you very much. You will find that His thoughts towards you are many and He likes you a lot more so then He is angry with you because though you are sometime weak and failing you are sincere.

Some of the good advice would be things like we are not always to be so forceful in evangelism though sometimes we are or it may be helpful to find people to help you grow outside of your family like a fellowship and even outside of this site in life. Often times some people cant help you grow and if 2 people are hanging out together in weakness it only causes problems, but at the same time we are to bear with each other and that often causes us to grow more then anything. It does really seem like you have some really good parents most parents are not even Christian!

As for the thought that your parents are false converts that also is a hard one and sometimes takes seasoned discernment and sometimes cannot be had at all by man. One thing I will say is that there is room for not being 100% Christ like. Many Christians are growing so if you see some real fruit that may mean they are Christian though they lack in other areas like boldness for evangelism.

As for the confusion over the will of God thing. Here is my take on it that I have derived from the life of Paul. He would seek the Lord in prayer sometimes for seasons and with fasting and even corporately. Sometimes the Holy Spirit would speak to him and tell him exactly what to do. Other times he would get no word and then after seeking the Lord if he had no word would do what seemed good to him and step out in faith. And, if he were wrong in doing something God would close the door. So oftentimes we cant get a word on everything and oftentimes God does this to strengthen our faith. So we just step out in faith and one mark that we are doing the will of God is if there is blessing in our ministry. This also is a hard topic and hard to get down perfect, but over time becomes more clear. God is for us so He is not going to let us step out of his will by accident when we are really sincere He wont even let us step out of His will by us purposely rebelling think of Jonah He will first severely chasten us. He is relentless and Him disciplining us is a good thing because it shows we are legitimate sons of the Father. Many water cannot quench His love and He is jealous for it and us.

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 Re: Oh really?!

Hello Jim,

I would like to answer what you asked here.

So here are some questions that have arised from the incident. My mother did ask, "How will you support yourself?!" My question to you all is, how do you support yourself financially besides God giving you what you need, or is everything provided by God? (I'm sorry if the question is personal. My apologies if it is, and you needn't answer it. I do know from firsthand experience that God gives what is needed to those who ask.)

Jim, we all work a job. This is the way God intended it.

God never really intended for men to live off the backs of others work, like most preachers do. Preaching was not meant to be a profession as in how it’s made today.

The apostle Paul gave the example of what men are to do, when he was one of the FEW, that could have according to God’s will not worked a regular job.

Please remember as you read this, that it was originally a regular letter and did not have all these stupid verse numbers and divisions, that man put in later. They tend to break up the context and thought, so that people never actually read the whole thing.

2 Thes 3:6 Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us.

2 Thes 3:7 For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you;

2 Thes 3:8 [b]Neither did we eat any man's bread for nought; but wrought with labour and travail night and day, that we might not be chargeable to any of you:[/b]

At that time, there was no such thing as the “professional preacher or theologian”. And as you will see God never wanted there to be.

2 Thes 3: 9 Not because we have not power, but to make ourselves an ensample unto you to follow us.

2 Thes 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

2 Thes 3:11 For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.

This is not talking about people like the guy you wanted to witness to. Many times this verse is taken out of context to try and make it seem so, by the very people it’s really talking about, which is the “professional preacher”. God NEVER meant for Christian men to make this a “profession”, like they have in this world.

If things were set up like they were in the first century there would be little to no need for all these “professional preachers”, living off the backs and hard work of others.

2 Thes 3:12 Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, [b]and eat their own bread.[/b]

2 Thes 3:13 But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

2 Thes 3:14 And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed.

2 Thes 3:15 Yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish (warn and reprove) him as a brother.

Hey, I suppose if anyone could have foreborn working it would have been Paul. But look at this.

Acts 18:1 After these things Paul departed from Athens, and came to Corinth;

2 And found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, lately come from Italy, with his wife Priscilla; (because that Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome:) and came unto them.

3 [b]And because he was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought: for by their occupation they were tentmakers.[/b]

Well then he never got anyone converted, because he couldn’t go be a “busybody” and visit people in their house, since he had to WORK a REAL JOB….I don’t think so!

4 And he reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath, and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks.

Paul ALWAYS WORKED! He worked when he did not have to, simply because he wanted his life to be an EXAMPLE of what we are ALL supposed to do, because he also knew that men would come along and pervert the truth, and become a professional preaching class.

Paul always worked, doing one thing or another, and he said it did it to be an EXAMPLE, and that we are to follow his example. HEY, LOOKS LIKE THE PROFESSIONAL PREACHERS HAVE A WAYS TO GO BEFORE THEY ARE OBEYING GOD’S WORD.

We are not supposed to be HIRELINGS! Once you start making your living off preaching the gospel, then whoever pays you runs the show.

So when your mother asks how you are going to make a living, then how WERE you going to make a living? Reassure your mother, that you are still going to be a normal person, you just love the Lord.

Pretty much I would imagine everyone here works a job of some sort to feed their face.

Does God meet needs? Yes, God can open a door for you to get a job, or start a business or something that his honorable, and ALL WORK, except for professional preaching and especially THEOLOGY is honorable, even cleaning toilets at McDonalds.

Every preacher ought to be out doing some sort of real WORK! But most of them "work not at all". That's another reason I like Milton Green that guy worked his whole life. He never went to professional preacher school and got a degree so God was able to actually teach him something.

Now if my words here offend some, it’s not me that’s offended you, but the Word. Just because you spent your life or are spending your life in a profession, that man developed outside of God’s word is not my fault. Just because believers have been taught to pay men to do their job, is also not my fault. Just because the world has dictated how the Church is set up in big buildings instead of homes like God intended is not my fault. Take it up with God’s word.

Jim when I said, I sense a calling on you, I simply meant, that God has called you to learn the truth and walk in it. That is the witness, perhaps what I should have said, is that I sense in you a heart that will actually answer that calling.

We are all called to the exact same thing. That God may because of our circumstances, use us in a particular ministry is not a seperate calling, but a service meant for building the body. You never know what that is till you are already established in the truth.

Go to school, love and help your parents. Assure you mother you're not going to give up on a profession to make a living. She's getting the wrong ideas, maybe because you have some.

Jim, in truth, a forum like this is as close in this day and time, that you will get to what the original church was supposed to be like. And a forum moderator as close to what an overseer was supposed to do.

It is by participating and sharing with one another that we grow. Your life and works bless mine, and visa versa. We all receive, but also as important we are all abble to give here. The Church and it's organized structure, is far from that, and is not meant to be as it is today.

Imagine being in the first century, and being able to be in a home group of people, like who you have met here. Imagine having these conversations in person, and these sharings in person, and you, even though you are a young new christian also being able to share what you are learning. That was the way it was in the first century, and that is why they grew like they did.

I personally think, internet fellowship, is the clostest thing to God's first century church in the 21st century. Pretty hard for anyone to control you or Lord it over you here.

God bless brother.

El Harris

El Harris

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