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Hi Jesus-is-God,

It just grieves my heart to no end that there is no "testing all things" and "warnings" going out and NO Research on this man.

No, I am just asking whether or not you have actually contacted the man (or even his Church or ministry) in order to obtain any sort of clarity.

Even an involvement with a "Global Governance Conference" would not be indicative that the man AGREES with global government. In fact, he might even be a voice of opposition. Have you asked him?

Look, I am not trying to defend the man. Nor am I trying to oppose your findings. Like you said, I am TESTING ALL THINGS (I Thessalonians 5:21) instead of taking your WARNINGS as truth. Remember, there are plenty of conspiracy websites (and even "discernment" or "watchmen" ministries) that claim to do "research" too, yet come up with wacky results.

I am NOT saying that this is the case with you. I am simply testing your words and conclusions by asking whether or not you actually contacted this man (Warren) who claims to be a brother and questioned him about these accusations.
I think it's time to listen to the Sermon about Watchmen roaring or meowing.

Like Ravenhill said, "[i]It is good to roar the truth...but it is best to roar the truth with tears[/i]."


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Brethren, what is the meaning of all this? What does this thread hope to accomplish? People come to SermonIndex to be edified and challenged and blessed. There is a time to warn and rebuke...and a correct way to go about doing it, and a wrong way to do it. I fear this is not the correct way, nor the correct spirit.

If you must take aim and shoot at something, try next time turning the big guns of spiritual criticism and defamation inwardly and see what the Lord would reveal. This thread is being shut down.

Paul Frederick West

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"Really, who cares! What Rick Warren does or doesn't do has no impact on my relationship to Christ, nor will it destroy the Church of Jesus Christ.

Do what you can in your area for the Gospel and don't worry about who may be doing what with whom. If the UN initiates a One World religion, so what! If Rick Warren ushers it in, so what! It has no bearing on MY responsibility to Christ and His Gospel. Each man will stand on his own one day before Christ, and then it will be sorted out." roaringlamb

Amen! I've given plenty of comments on certain ministries that I know have unbiblical declarations, theologies, and veiwpoints and can easily prove it as they are not shy about propagating it. And I have no qualms about warning those who like to defend them to justify the ministry's blatant unbiblical positions. Therefore, I believe in warning others of potentially harmful ministries. However many with itching ears will still follow and God may even use it for a certain outcome. I can't stop God from using a certain ministry to achieve an end-time result if this is the case. At the point that I may become more entrenched in revealing every facet of a ministry than my simple relationship with Christ, I have most likely overexerted a duty into a flesh driven cause. I'm not saying this is the case with those here but it happens. We all know how much information gets processed here until 'overload' kicks in and we end up more confused than when we first began.

Martin Luther brought light into a dark church but he still couldn't dismantle it. Deception is a terrible thing and I often pray that God will smite deception within the church and bring His truth forth for the sake of His Son and those so deceived. As little as this seems, it's the most I can do.

 2009/9/15 13:47

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