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 Pray for me

I need y'alls prayers. Nothing major, but I have a pinched nerve in my neck that is at times causing some rather intense headaches. I started seeing a chiropractor this week for it. He took xrays and showed me where it was and which vertabae in my neck is out of kilter. He said there was evidence of neck trauma earlier in life, which can probably be attributed to either when I played football or was in the military.

He said he can fix me... but I ask that y'all would pray that the Lord would get everything back in line and stop the headaches.

My wife said "See... I told you your head wasn't screwed on straight!"

She is soooo funny.


 2009/9/11 7:18

 Re: Pray for me

Hi Krispy,

May the Lord especially bless you at this time. I will be praying, until I hear you're mended again.

 2009/9/11 10:16

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 Re: Pray for me

Praying for you.

 2009/9/17 18:40Profile

 Re: Pray for me

I have been suffering from headaches over the past few years to the point of vomiting...not fun.

I took solace in Poonen's words of maintaining Christ's joy when he was experiencing headaches and that God is refining us even during those times.

Although, I wasn't in the military I did play football and not being I big guy, I usually got hurt.

We have attributed my headaches to coffee, even though I still get them weeks after having any. My wife is funny too, in that, she enjoys me making her a hot/cold ground coffee, with caramel/vanilla, whipped cream, sprinkled with cinamon, lined with chocolate sauce, topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean...or two.

Then she says that I can't have one! :-o

Krispy, regular exercise and stretching helps keep you limber (as if you don't already know)...especially at your age ;-)

 2009/9/17 20:56

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Hi Brian,

Sounds like you have migraine headaches. The best thing to do is to know your triggers and do what you can to avoid them, which it sounds like you're doing. My triggers are certain odors (especially fumes and some perfumes, even scented candles), flavored coffees and artificial flavorings, weather conditions (especially lows), glare (especially from the sun).

Maybe you could try plain coffee, with a little sugar and cream. A little caffine is actually helpful for most people, but should be limited. I have had some success with avoiding artificial sweeteners and other artificial ingredients.

Other common triggers for many people are: chocolate, aged cheeses, MSG, peanuts, wine, yeast breads, processed meats.

Prevention: regular exercise, regular sleep schedule (no late sleeping on weekends), controlling stress.

Migraines have made me very compassionate about people who suffer from pain. I often use my times lying in the bed in a dark, quiet room recovering (with an ice pack on my eyes) to pray.

I will pray for you. There are a number of meds that help a lot of people, but they often come with their own set of side effects, etc.

Hope you find some relief.


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 Re: Pray for me

Praying for you, Krispy.


 2009/9/18 20:42Profile

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Help Krispy Father, touch his pain, in Jesus Name.

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 Re: Pray for me

Hello Krispy,

I started seeing a chiropractor this week for it... He said he can fix me...

My husband has deteriorated disks in his neck and lower back. His Dr. said there is nothing they can do but manage the pain. They have tried giving him pills to reduce the inflammation but they all make him sick.

If your Dr. succeeds in 'fixing' you, please let us know what he did.

Regardless of any of that, I will be praying for you. Take care and follow the Drs orders,
white stone


 2009/9/18 21:34Profile

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