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 Vermont homosexuals want "marriage"


SOUTH ROYALTON, Vt. -- Gay marriage activists say they are not satisfied with the civil union law, which they described at a Vermont Law School conference last week as second-class matrimony.

At the daylong meeting Thursday, titled ''Got Marriage?," lawyers, activists, legislators, and legal scholars said the state's 2000 civil unions law doesn't go far enough.

''We've got work left to do," said Beth Robinson, a Middlebury lawyer who represented the plaintiffs in Baker v. Vermont, the case that led to the Vermont Supreme Court ruling setting the stage for civil unions.

Michael Mello, a professor at the law school and author of the new book ''Legalizing Gay Marriage," said the civil unions route is the ''separate but equal" approach to gay marriage rights. Mello said the unions wouldn't pass civil rights muster.

An amendment to the US Constitution, which would essentially ban gay marriage or civil unions, would never be endorsed by the US Senate, conference participants agreed. But the companion movement, with individual states adopting ''Defense of Marriage" acts, is a dangerous attack on gay rights, panelists said. Such measures, which are on the ballot in several key states this November, could bring large numbers of fundamentalist Christians to the polls, affecting the outcome of the presidential race in close states such as Oregon.

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 Re: Vermont homosexuals want "marriage"

If we see all these things happening in the world, I just cant otherwise than remember the words of Jesus, that just before His coming this world will again be as in the days of Noah!! How far are we from that day where people in a city as in the days of Lot, will demand the body of men from God for their own lusts and desiring pleasures?? And how long will God still have mercy on men to repent and turn to Him before He come at last to judge this world according to their works?? And this is the work of God, that we should believe in Him. Oh and how we then who fear the Lord and is expecting His comming not ought to keep ourselves from this world and from its filth. He promised that He would keep us unto Himself if we would yield ourselves to Him, even though we have to live in this world - not becoming as the world but longing for the world wich is to come.

In Christ.

Johannes Jacobs

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