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Hi Frank...

I did read it. I do agree with chapel that this sort of discussion can be a distraction, so I think that it is best to leave out comments or accusations about political figures (both official and pundits) when the article seems to discourage that to begin with.

Amen chapel, everything else is a ditraction. Chris has never forgotton that the Lord gave me a word about Presdient Bush, early in his administarion

To be clear, brother, I didn't believe that the Lord actually gave you a word about President Bush that you shared at SermonIndex toward the end of his administration...but that was beside the point. My point back then was that you felt the freedom and liberty to speak against the man with vague and/or direct accusations without proof (or, sometimes, without merit). More importantly, I never understood the purpose of making such accusations here at SermonIndex (where we know that they are discouraged). I do think that my comments were incorrectly attributed as a "defense" of the President, when they were actually a defense against those sort of comments to begin with. Of course, there would have been no "defense" if there had not been an "attack" to begin with. Such posts could have been a "tool of the enemy" too.

Interestingly, one might be able to take Andrew Strom's article and replace the name "President Obama" with "President Bush," and it might have been just as timely just a year or two ago.

Anyway, Frank, I really don't want to get into this here (or via another fruitless exchange via PM). I feel that you are entirely free to feel the way you do about people like President Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Anne Coulter. However, I would just think that you might want to refrain from make direct rhetorical assaults on such individuals. You might simply leave their names out of conversations. If you feel the need to point them out in the future, it might be better to at least accompany your accusations with some sort of evidence. Then again, I think that it would be much more beneficial to the mission of this SermonIndex ministry to leave out such accusations to begin with.

I also would ask that you understand that this is not anything personal (even if it might seem like it). I just think that we might want to use a bit more wisdom with our "words."


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"To be clear, brother, I didn't believe that the Lord actually gave you a word about President Bush."

I know that Chris, and rather than pursue it and call it accusation, lets just agree to disagree and lets this threads message stand, its a great message and one that I thouroughly endorse........Frank

 2009/9/5 14:24


I have started a new thread with this post. I think this post applies a little here as well.

Are you sure about that?

Concerning christians and government involvement much has been said and written and more will be before the Lord returns.

Usually it falls on not being involved at all or yes, being involved but at best your compromising the true mission or just flat out not a christian. Then those who are on the "gotta be involed in government or your not doing your christian duty" side look at the other side and say you need to get over here with me and be involved. I know that there are also those who have resolved a healthy balance for both positions. Those who have a healthy balance of both positions are the ones we need to hear from more. They are the ones who posess better wisdom,(not PERFECT wisdom,) and insight on what would bear the most fruit.

What might this "balance' look like?

Well lets give this a try.

Those who say your compromising the mission of the gospel by being involved in government lighten up a little and instead truly pray for the success of there bretheren who are trying to do what they see is right.Yea, you know, pray for the leaders thing?

Those on the other side who say, hey, get more involved, should understand as well that not all are called to that ministry.
How wonderful it is when each looks at the other and instead of saying don't be involved or you must be involved or your not a christian, instead say Go get em brother I support you and am praying for you as you labor in you particular calling!!

I know that this is not an easy topic to just fix in our minds. I have held views on both sides and feel I am a little closer to a healthy spiritual balance, but I do not say that I have arrived.
I just wanted to add this into the mix as one who has labored on both sides over the past 22 years and this is a little of what I see on the subject.

 2009/9/5 14:25

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Events leading Christians supporting Conservative Republicans did not happen in a vacuum, it was a response to the rise of government control, and thus control of our schools and their anti-bilical curriculum by the secular humanists, whose # 1 target was Christianity. The decline of Christianity in the US, Europe, and our most recent generation is not at all an accident, but it has been carefully planned and orchestrated.

"Why do the nations rage, and the people plot [conspire] a vain thing?" Psalm 2:1

"What do you conspire against the Lord?" Nahum 1:9

Check out the following url's why Christianity is in decline. by by D.L. Cuddy, Ph.D

Chronology_Of_Education-Dennis_Laurence_Cuddy_PhD-1994-143pgs-EDU.sml.pdf Download from internet. Adobe Acrobat required.

The Western world, once the bastion of Christianity, now find themselves in a post-Christian world. This is because the enemy has become our friend. The enemy that has caused this to happen is SCIENCE, actually pseudo-science masquerading as Science. I write this with much regret as I have always loved science, and in my youth I earned degrees in Physics, Math, History, and Electrical Engineering.

Science, as taught in schools today, is set upon a pedestal. Nearly all hold it in high regard and none ever thinks it a danger, and we give up our children to it freely. And after all, look what is has done for us. Television, airplanes, movies, High Tech games and devices, advances in medicine and medical treatment, and the computer and the internet.

Yet, it teaches something else that few are aware of or even think about. Science teaches that all we see, hear, feel, and observe occurred by chance effects. That God does not exist, or if He does exist, He is irrelevant. It teaches that God has no place in the education system, that all life and all non-life events have arisen by chance occurrences. That all human beliefs have risen anthropologically, that belief in a god or many gods were merely the early efforts of humans to make sense out of a world they did not understand, and that this led to many superstitions that were taught to offspring as fact. That the spread of belief in one God in the 'Western' world was a chance event caused by a local monotheistic tribe of people who, by chance events, had taken over the Roman Empire and spreading their beliefs with force and promises of heavenly rewards, and earthly rewards, rewards both in this life and the next.

Because of the great advances, gadgets and conveniences science has brought into our lives, particularly over the past century, we trust all science. So we give our children up to twenty years of Schooling at public institutions without a blink of the eye, and it is there that our children are learning that God does not exist and that all human beliefs and values are equivalent and man made. That man is the ultimate authority in the universe. If God does exist, then He is irrelevant, for we already know how humans and everything else came into existence by chance molecular events. That humans are the highest authorities that exist in our local portion of the universe. Even Parochial Schools teach the materialistic evolutionary theories as fact.

Charles Lyell, Author of the Theory of Uniformitarian Geology, founded this theory with the goal of overthrowing the then current widely held Biblical Geology of the great flood. His training was as a Lawyer, but upon graduation, he was filled with a passion to overthrow this Geology of the Bible. His aim was to remove God from having anything to do with the origin of the Earth and its' geological formations. In His encyclopedic "Principles of Uniformatarian Geology" Charles Lyell not only undermined the bible's geology, he also come very close to describing the slow evolution of life over long ages through natural selection. Some biographers even questioned why Lyell failed to come to the conclusions that Charles Darwin arrived at some thirty years later. The reason was quite simple, Lyell was overjoyed how his plot to overthrow Biblical geology was advancing and being accepted and feared that an attempt at this time (early 1830's) to remove God from being the author of life would jeopardize the growing acceptance of his alternate to Biblical geology.

Charles Lyell was Charles Darwin's mentor. Charles Darwin confessed well after the wide acceptance of his theory that he never gave Lyell enough credit in the founding of his theory, that much of it came out of the mind of Lyell. (Actually it all came out of Lyell's mind). It was Darwin's Theory that removed God from being the author of life, and Darwin was very adamant about God having nothing to do with it. Charles Darwin declared Christianity to be a damnable and detestable religion. Now his anti-God evolutionary views are taught as fact in public and Christian schools.

But check out the URL's above if you wish to know the planned war against God and Christianity.

Arthur Biele

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