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Brother Ron,

All of the rest of yesterday, and part of last night, i both thought and prayed about what you said, that i should cut myself some slack ... i've been told this before by many others, both saved and unsaved alike ... They tell me i'm to intense, to pointed, to fixated, to legal, to heavenly bound to be of any earthly good ... i've in fact fed into that mind set in the past, cutting myself slack, believing what i believe i hear from God one day, then denying it to myself the following day when the heat from what i'm stating became to intense ...

But the word i get back from the Holy Ghost is that i should at least serve our God with the same intensity, pointedness, fixation, and i dare say even more for the price He paid for me, as that i did when satan was my lord, and i can tell you i was a ring leader in his squad ... So though i appreciate the concern in your admonition that i should take some weight off, i can't, in fact i won't, but i'll be trusting God that He's not putting on me any more than i can bear ... If He, God Himself could bear the literal cross, i surely can bear this figurative one ... My natural man does have a tendency to weep, moan and cry, oft times pulling at the nails in his hands and feet, but my supernatural man dictates that he gets cut no slack in that as soon as he does, i the new creation, has just that one ioto less power, strength and freedom in Christ ... The Holy Ghost has also let me know that the reason why His Church is in such dire need of His Revival is that there are already to many of we Christians cutting ourselves far to much slack already ... Adam and Eve cut themselves some slack, and look what happened to them ... God used the test of slackness to cut down Gideon's army from thousands to 300 ... David and Solomon cut themselves some slack, and look at the hell they had to pay ... Jonah cut himself some slack (as i once did), and it landed him in the belly of a whale, not to mention that his slack cutting put multitudes of other folks lives in danger, such as we do today ... Think of what would have happened to ALL of us if Jesus had of cut Himself the slack Peter suggested to Him ... We say slack, Christ says gird up, so i'll be continuing in the latter in that the payoff is that supernaturally i shall run and not be weary ... Christian slackness is the enemy of God ...

I will not be defending this "word" about this coming Revival, or attempt to make anyone believe it as i totally understand why so many don't ... He's not telling me to convince or defend, my instruction is to just say it, i have, and i am, and i'll not be double minded about it, for a double minded man gets NOTHING from the Lord, and if this revival is to be had, then i'm believing straight foward to it's attainment ... As brother Ravenhill said, "One man with God is a majority" ... The Bible is jammed packed full of what God can do with one "believing" person ...

SDB, i totally agree with brother Greg, yours is a GOOD word;

revival in your heart

For whatever its worth I'm going to add my two cents.... From what Rahman has said it appears to me God was talking about starting revival in your heart...not in the physical church building. Revival will always start in the heart of an individual. If you want to be bold about this, take time out from your ministry and seek out the true heart of God...hang up your robes, put aside your titles, come before him as nothing, and Be still ...

Yes, revival is started in my heart, and in my own life, as sister Chanin says, "being the message, and not just it's instrument of delivery" ... i've often wondered though if He just meant me why didn't He say, "and it will begin in you", instead of, "and it will begin here" ... The latter part of your admonition i'm already in, Shalem, a place of peace that He's taught me of via the life of Jacob, until i am called to Bethel a second time ... It is in this place of rest/peace that i was impressed of the Spirit to simply start saying what i believe He's said/saying to me, to others, and so i am ...

All you guys are a blessing, and i love you all in the only perfect love there is ... Father, Son and Holy Ghost ... God ... Amen

PS - Sister Yodi i was much encouraged by your post, and in agreement with brother Greg Christ initial yoke of salvation is most light to bear, but a calling, especially one prophetic in nature, now that can be a whole different ball of wax, and real incentive to get, and abide, even closer to the warmth of the Son.

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