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 Few Americans Attend House Churches, Survey Reveals

[b]Few Americans Attend House Churches, Survey Reveals[/b]

While worshipping in house churches is common in many countries, it appears that only a small number of Americans participate in this form of local church in the strictest sense.
Only three to six percent of all adult Americans say they are a “part of a group of believers that meets regularly in a home or place other than a church building” that is “not part of a typical church” and is self-governed, according to the latest report by The Barna Group.

But when the California-based research firm broadened the definition of what constitutes a house church, the number of people saying they have attended one in the past month jumped to as high as 33 percent. ...

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 Re: Few Americans Attend House Churches, Survey Reveals

I'm more concerned about how many Americans are truly born again and living for the Lord. The number is probably less than 3% - 6%.


 2009/9/2 8:26

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I know you know this, but there is no such thing as a house church. There is a church that meets in houses.

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