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 Re: Mike Bickle

[Multi-posting for time...]

Having posted my opinions, I wanted to add that I am not at all hostile to Mike Bickle; quite the contrary. I know he belongs to the Lord, and believe he will break out of his current ideas about extreme devotion, and the Babylonian mystics.

When he sees the harm he has done, i pray he will be broken and repent. I believe he has a high calling with the Lord.

PS:...I thoroughly believe his vision of the tanks coming. We will be invaded by foreign armies.

 2009/9/1 10:35

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Alberta, Canada


The restoration of the fallen tabernacle of David is not 24/7 prophetic devotion or the is the simple church established locally throughout the church...with all of her weakness, distresses, and needs. It is here that we learn to cope in a fallen world, and how to love and restore our brothers and sisters likewise in need; not marching along with an army of super saints.

That's a good word.

Allan Halton

 2009/9/1 11:05Profile

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In the Bible we have all that we need to live according to God's will. We must focus on reading, understanding and meditating on the Word in order to draw closer to God and to live our lives according to his plan.

All extra-biblical teaching and all extra-biblical revelation must be held suspect.

NO NO NO!! Be fully convinced of the teachings of the Bible! Not some dude!

I couldn't agree more.

 2009/9/1 11:28Profile


Amen Brothertom. You summed IHOP up fairly, accurately, and in sincerity.

What I took from what my mother in law gave me from certian IHOP individuals was that they were very willing to give you THEIR instructions on what to do. One particular 'devotion' was thirty some odd pages of what scriptures to study, when to fast, for what purpose this is done etc... as if you were following a MONTHLY regiment that came from God, to them, to you. Coming from the Catholic church myself it had that 'tinge' of methodology. Do this, pray this, fast this, and we will have revival. It seemed like it was more about their method than it was about God and it seemed more about quantity of people than the quality of the heartfelt prayer. I also noticed that they promoted eachother. Go to 'so and so's' gathering... read such and such's book.... support this person's cause etc... It was very exclusive and had an element of pomp that just didn't seem right.

 2009/9/1 11:37

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Did anyone mention Mike's interpretation(perversion) of the Song of Songs and his whole bridal paradigm that he came up with, where people are being ravished by Jesus in some type of sensual way???? I guess, where do we draw the line?

 2009/9/1 12:11Profile


This had the potential to become a train wreck, yet this has actually turned into a good conversation, brothers.

I will say one positive thing about IHOP... they have great pancakes.


 2009/9/1 12:46

 Re: good pancakes...

Hey krispy! It's me. Did you know that there is a IHOP pancake house near the religious Ihop, that is so enamored in the sharing of their ICONS, they'll give anyone a 10% discount with the Id of any hopper or conference attendee?

The omlettes are the best!...and it's a cool place to wind down and fellowship. [..all night...]

There sure are a lot of seekers and genuine believers that come there...

 2009/9/1 13:34


The Bible is objective truth, the Bible is revelation, yet outside of illumination one cannot rightly divide it. Illumination comes through the Holy Spirit and therein lies most of the disagreements,whether it is between "mystics," or whoever. Scripture alone is not enough, if it were, then the most spiritual people would be the pharissees. One must actually "know," Jesus, as opposed to having a head knowlede of the Scriptutes. Now, we have had that debate a thousand times on sermonindex and I do not want to derail the topic at hand, but this subject is never far away. What some people consider "super-spiritual," to others it would just be "Absolute surrender."

As has been said before by many of the giants of the faith, Christianity is not a mental assent to an abstract truth. The supernatural element , whether it is prophecy or any gifts of the Spirit will keep us debating until Jesus returns. Yet this we know, everything will fall between the walls of Scripture, and Scripture can rightly teach us about the supernatural elements of Christianity. So many of the so called prophets clearly could be discerned by a rudimentary knowledge of the God.

My own rule of thumb is, if you proclaim yourself as a prophet, then you are most likely not one........Frank

 2009/9/1 13:51


I love their country omlettes.

10% discount on pancakes and omlettes?? Biblical discernment to the wind! lol


 2009/9/1 13:52


My own rule of thumb is, if you proclaim yourself as a prophet, then you are most likely not one........Frank


If you speak prophecy, yet most of it never comes true... you are not one. (I didnt say that, God did)


 2009/9/1 13:55

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