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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet

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 Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet

[b]Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet[/b]

A Senate bill would offer President Obama emergency control of the Internet and may give him a "kill switch" to shut down online traffic by seizing private networks -- a move cybersecurity experts worry will choke off industry and civil liberties.

Details of a revamped version of the Cybersecurity Act of 2009 emerged late Thursday, months after an initial version authored by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., was blasted in Silicon Valley as dangerous government intrusion.

"In the original bill they empowered the president to essentially turn off the Internet in the case of a 'cyber-emergency,' which they didn't define," said Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance, which represents the telecommunications industry.

"We think it's a very bad idea ... to put in legislation," he told

Clinton said the new version of the bill that surfaced this week is improved from its first draft, but troubling language that was removed was replaced by vague language that could still offer the same powers to the president in case of an emergency.

"The current language is so unclear that we can't be confident that the changes have actually been made," he said.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2009/8/31 10:11Profile

 Re: Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet

not much difference from Patriot 2 or FISA which were passed during Bush 43. Our relieance on cyber systems to control essentail services to the homeland, and their vulnerabity have always remained our weakest link in preserving our ability to manage a 21st century way of life in America, electricity, energy AND FOOD distribution. commuincations, etc.

But I guess its just the messenger, in thos case that casues so much consternation among posters, after all the President has been termed the "anti-christ", a "muslim", a "non-american unfit to hold office", and other such lies spread like a virus via the internet. A UNITED States, eh.

We are going to kill ourselves with this kind of rhetoric, whether its the lefties speanding 8 years of "bush hating", or the republican attack machine racheting up raw naked hatred against our current commander in chief

Including a former NON CHRISTIAN Vice President on every talk show this Sunday screeching about the AG wanting to investigate the torture gulag of the past 8 years....a VP I might add, who has a new book coming out that is going to take massive broadsides at his former boss, President Bush, a confessing christian, saying the former President "went soft". I have NEVER heard of such a thing in American history.

Trust me Greg, the Administration has no desires to shut SI, just an extra national super attack virus launched aginst out internet dependent infrastructure.

God bless you friend, neil

 2009/8/31 11:16

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It would not surprise me if the Antichrist could get hold of Google, Facebook, Paypal Twitter etc. I doubt that it will be the president of the United States. We should form fellowships that do not depend on Internet or Telefone services.

 2009/8/31 11:24Profile

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Hey Neil

I have a question for you and I do not mean it to be antagonistic in any way. I hope you will just consider it and if you feel led to answer it, I would love to hear it. Here goes:-)

Neil you wrote:Trust me Greg, the Administration has no desires to shut SI,

What if it was this presidents/administration desire to do just that, to shut down Sermon Index and a whole bunch of other christian web sites? How would you react to that? Would it cause you to reflect or change your opinion of the man or is administration?

Please know a few thinks before you answer:-) 1. I do not support any political party and I do not participate in government affairs. 2. I do not think Mr. Obama is any different then Mr. Bush, both are men and both are sinners that fall short. 3. And last my reason for asking this question, is because your post seemed a bit defensive, and it made me wonder why that was? Let me share with you about a very dear friend I have who voted for Bush, later she found herself feeling very disappointed because of some of his actions. This caused her to stumble in some ways because she had placed her hope in a man. Seems as Christians we can get caught up in placing our faith in men instead of in Jesus only? It just seems that sometimes we can be so sure about someone or something only to find out later that they are no different then any one else, all of us are sinners and all of us need Jesus. Right:-)

with much care

PS:-) I have added extra smiles so you will know I am asking this with a very loving heart:-) IF you feel uncomfortable answering that's OK to, I don't want to put you on the spot just maybe give you something to think on:-)As for me I am praying for MR. Obama and Mr. Bush, both men need Jesus:-)

 2009/8/31 12:18Profile

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Hey Greg

I read this article and at first I was like they can not do that, but then I thought, so what if they do. I mean in all honesty as long as I have my Jesus then I have everything I need.

To me this is probably about power, and what I have come to see is that "anyone" who is in political positions usually wants two things, power and control. For me I am going to keep my focus on Jesus, He is the one who really is in charge anyway of the things that matter:-)

With much care

 2009/8/31 12:29Profile

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Trust me Greg, the Administration has no desires to shut SI, just an extra national super attack virus launched against out internet dependent infrastructure.

Neil, what makes you so certain that this is the case? It is though you have some inside information that others know nothing about.

I would guess if the Feds would want to shut down the internet all they would have to do is launch a nasty virus from several points on the web that will drive people crazy for a while. And they would need no legislation to accomplish this.

Now if you really want to get scared the feds could shut down all broadcasting media and take possession of the cell phones archive storage facilities. So back to the land-line phones, folks! Or, maybe, we have to resort to smoke signals.

Yup, lots of things out there that could potentially scare the wits out of folks. Methinks I will wait to deal with these problems when it happens. In the meantime, I will not fret, depend on the LORD for his sustenance and I think I will go finish mowing my yard.


EDIT: During the week of August 17 I got an email warning folks the banks will take a 'bank holiday' the week of the 24th and some may not reopen. Since this is the case you better make sure you have plenty of cash on hand because you will not be able to access your bank account during this time.

I did some checking about this email. There was a ministry's name attached to it. So I googled it and found none at these cities (I used as well). And the people that used this name were not any kind of 'prophets'. This email also used David Wilkerson's name in this message, making the reader feel like he would support the warnings.

Anyhow, it is now Aug. 31 and I never heard that banks took any 'holiday' last week. At least none did in our area.

So much for modern prophetic messages.

Sandra Miller

 2009/8/31 13:13Profile

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As of 8-28-09 [b][size=medium]84[/size][/b] banks have closed in the USA. Many more are tottering on the brink and as of the middle of August the FDIC was bankrupt. This is like seeing the clouds building up in the sky, eh?

Neil, You state things as if they are set in stone. Are you privileged to knowledge non of the rest of the free world has seen? Have you seen the Birth Certificate? Have you seen any documentation on the man? I can truly say I do not believe he is qualified to sit in the Oval Office. You can not call me a liar unless you can prove me wrong.

I saw a piece in the news of a dog having it's 26th birthday. They are checking the dogs birthing certificate to make certain before they enter it in the Guinness Book of World Records. [b]Even a dog can produce his birth certificate. How hard is that?[/b]

I won't even touch the anti-christ charge but the Muslim one is still open to proof. Too much smoke for me to not believe there is a fire somewhere. If my saying that offends you, why does it? Much worse has been said about President Bush and no one got offended like they are over this.

Your post touched off all my red flags. I think rainydaygirl replied very nicely. Perhaps I should stick a bunch of smilie faces after this, too? Nah, there are enough on this thread to last a little while.

It probably would do us all good to have the Internet shut down. I know I would get a lot more done. :-P

white stone


 2009/8/31 18:39Profile

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While I am not a fan of many of President Obama's policies, I don't think that there is really anything "sinister" behind this. I think that this is a defensive measure in case a massive cyber attack is carried out against the internet in America.

The internet has become a vital part of the US economic system. This "power" to turn it "off" is a lot like the power to shut down the skies on 9/11.

However, I do share concern about the sweeping, relatively undefined nature of this proposal. It isn't clear just what sort of "attack" would necessitate this sort of authority. However, I do agree that something needs to be done to prevent cyber terrorism.

Remember, when the terrorists hit the WTC in 1993 and 2001, they wanted to affect the ECONOMY of the United States. Ironically, they were somewhat successful (given the massive stock market loss in the weeks following the attack). An attack on the internet has the potential of stopping quite a bit of economic well as compromising the security of banks, military installations, and the national infrastructure.

However, I would certainly suggest that this bill contain SPECIFIC limits to its implementation.



 2009/8/31 19:51Profile

 well rainy day girl.........

Sister, I aint going putting up smily faces next to my answers, not because I'm mad at you, but thats a girly thing to do, but I will tell you exactly what I feel, what my discernment "meter" reads, and I'll tell you why I might have a little bit of background, in aspects of Executive Orders signed that involve signals intelligence, such as every little "1" and "0" configured into MS-Dos that floods thru every internet portal that floods into the US.

why do you think it is that the US has not been attacked by salafi jihadist's since 9/11?

(sidebar-"al qaeda" is a handy little pop corn term the media uses, so they dont have to explain the wide differences between various radical islamist holy warrior's. the word "al qaeda" means "the base", and this word was used in a captured "manual". Its kind of like "The War on Terror", a tidy convenient bunch of words that sound like they mean something, but really don't.)

so why do you think these salafi jihadi's havent pulled off another masssive attack on the continental United States?

Because they've stopped? no.

Because we hired enough cavemen to waterboard unfortunates wandering the battle field?

no, we have the capability to eavesdrop on EVERYTHING, ever form of communication known to man, and to plan an attack, you need both communications to plan and coordinate an attack and you need funds to buy implements, travel, hotels, and we have the ability to thwart this,because of all of these elements leave an elcotronic trail. I do know what I speak of. as far as "human spy craft, we're miserable, too many white square Yale boys, all pretending to be george bush the elder. We're great with technological spy craft, listening devices, tapping internet pipes, segregating messages, satelitte images, but terrible with the dirty nasty world of human spys.

Thats what FISA (The Patriot Act) was all about during Bush 43 and thats what this thing with President Obama, its about signals intelligence gathering, its about cyberware, the internet is a new battlefield, simple as that.

I believe the reason a lot of posters, here, and a lot of Republicans, a lot of far white right neo-cons attach nefarious reasons to it, is because they hate the President with a white hot passion.

I just came back from New Mexico where my son is in military academy, and I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean hammnity on the radio, just for laughs and just musing on the raw and naked hatred they have for this President. Oh they call him names, they make sure they throw in the "Hussein",(his middle name) they throw in the word 'socialist', much more hatred, and it comes from the left too. But I noticed this with president Obama, the hatred has a sharper and more dangerous tone.

Consider this, in both the Senate and House, name me ONE black can't, because there are none, and in 2008, a black man, a BI-RACIAL black man, which is any even bigger no-no, because that means a white person fornicating with a black person...a black man beat the tar out of a white Republic male and his not too bright church lady running mate, who had people screaming "KILL HIM!" (Obama) at her rallies, and Senator Obama beats the Republican party......feel the hatred, its growing more intense, becaue the Republican party is in danger of becoming a white southern regional party, EXCEPT they have one thing going for them, the democrats are as dumb as rocks, and cant seal the deal with the American people.......listen, I got a lot lot more to say, but I got to board an airplane, but let me say this: the man I wanted as President General Colin Powell was thrown under the bus by his own party, its too bad, he would have made a great President...gotta go.

 2009/8/31 20:08

Joined: 2003/11/23
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 Re: well rainy day girl.........

Hi Neil...

I understand your frustration with stereotyping and/or people who try to speculate without fully understanding the issue.

However, I fear that you are painting a stereotype that might be just as incorrect as the one that you accuse the Limbaugh's and Hannity's of this world are painting.

I am a conservative and OFTEN vote Republican. I do not fit the typical stereotype of the far left either. I am young, mostly "white" (a "mutt" of 1/4 Jewish, 1/8 Cherokee along with a wide array of other genes), married to a Hispanic woman, highly educated, economically poor, living in a VERY liberal area and with a deep knowledge of the American political system (including people in the government). And, of course, my relationship with Christ Jesus is the most important thing in my life.

I don't follow any sort of agenda when I vote or consider policy. I am far too intelligent to be suckered in by the left OR the right. My allegiance, in fact, is neither to a party or a heritage. My allegiance is reserved for Christ. I almost find it humorous when people suggest that there is an ulterior motive behind my ideas about policy or the President.

I'm sure that there is some sentiments of racism in this nation today. However, it isn't the same sentiment that existed a few decades ago. It is not "vogue" to be a racists (either in the public or in a closet). Racism is a display of a poor intellect and, more importantly, a lack of knowing God.

That said: Most of the people that I know who are opposed to some of Obama's policies aren't motivated by race. Most of them are motivated by personal ideas about righteousness or unrighteousness.

In fact, my best friend and the best man at my wedding, an African American, is the most vocal critic of Obama that I know. He and his parents considered leaving their church because the pastor endorsed Obama and claimed that all of the rumors of Obama supporting abortion was a "lie." That pastor said that Obama is "[i]an anti-abortion, pro-traditional marriage, Christian who supports a continued Christian heritage in this nation[/i]." Even when my friend showed his pastor some of Obama's own words from his books and interviews that show a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, and gray stand on Christian ideals -- this pastor accounted it as a "conspiracy" to "[i]keep a good black man down[/i]." As the months went by, this pastor finally admitted that he "bought into the hype"...and failed to "seriously consider the product."

I don't think that anyone is saying that Obama is all bad. Democrats often indicate a willingness to spend our tax dollars in government programs to help the less fortunate. Many of those programs have been extremely helpful to quite a few people! As a proponent of "less federal government is the best federal government," I still acknowledge the benefits of such social welfare programs. However, I do have very deep questions about the extent and value of many programs...and the use of our tax dollars for immoral purposes (abortion, vulgar "art," etc...).

Anyway, I do think that we need to be very careful before laying an accusation at the man -- especially if it isn't based upon truth or fact. We need to be careful not to lay false or misleading accusations at him like many did to President Bush during his eight years in office. It would be a terrible thing to be guilty of bearing false witness against a man (either a positive or negative false witness). I think that we should be mindful that we will be judged for every word we speak.

I also might say that I don't think that the Republican party is in danger of becoming a "southern regional party" any more than the Democratic Party is in danger of becoming a "coastal urban party." Even in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I live), nearly one out of three people did NOT vote for Senator Obama in November. The approval ratings for President Obama in major national, scientific polls have been falling quite a bit since a high in March (hitting a low of 46% yesterday), and the approval ratings for the Democratic-controlled Congress recently hit a historic, all-time low.

Anyway, I didn't mean to meander into politics, so I hope that no one takes it that way. I would like to urge everyone to be very careful when they lay an accusation -- for or against -- concerning anyone.

Let me also make it clear: I do not hate President Obama. I pray for him every day. I also pray for this nation of my temporary citizenship. I also disagree with some very major policy decisions of President Obama which also happen to be written in the platform of the Democratic Party. This does not make me a "far white right neo-con." It is just a disagreement about the legislation of righteousness or unrighteousness. Of course, I also disagreed with some of policy decisions of President Bush too. And, of course, that didn't make me a "far white left socialist" either. It was just a disagreement on certain issues.

Lastly...and most importantly...I am a Christian. I follow Christ. He is the most important motivation in my life. He is the longing of my heart...and the greatest and most intense desire that I have ever known. My longing is to know Him...and to please everything that I do. This isn't confined to "churchy" issues. This longing to please Him follows me everywhere that I go and with everything that I do. It influences my decisions and opinions. It is a pure thing...and I always want more of Him and less of me to be seen in everything that I do. This includes my ideas about righteousness and unrighteousness as legislated by the government "of the people, by the people and for the people" in this country of my temporary citizenship. I am constantly aware that God follows me into the voting booth.

The Lord bless you and keep you, brother Neil. You are a good brother, and I love you dearly.


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