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I’ve just been letting God stir me up, challenging my heart afresh to get deeper into God, deeper into His Word
deeper into His truth, deeper!!!!!!!

Forsake all other loves. All other loves, all other passions, all other hopes, all other dreams, everything!!!! A crucified man has not dreams!!!!! A crucified man has not ambitions!!!!!!!! A crucified man has no agenda. A crucified man has no hidden sin.

Lord help me today. Help me to the cross, to die…… die. Death to self, that I may live. Glory to God.
I am a man of unclean lips.

They said they cast out demons and healed the sick in His name. He said I NEVER knew YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One could also say they never knew HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had a form of godliness, but denied the power thereof.
We must know Him indeed. Nothing else matters. Shout if from the housetops! Nothing else matters! We must live our lives to know Him!!!!! Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pulpits all over this nation this day will be filled with foolishness and perversion of truth; preaching feel good messages to people who don’t' know Christ, and He does not know them!!!!!!!!!!!
My Lord and My God, help us all.

He is raising up His message, but who will hear HIM? Few have ears, few have eyes. There is a day coming when all will have eyes, and all will have ears, and every tongue and nation will confess Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. But it will be too late for those who never knew Him. We need to intercede for ourselves, and for His church!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't look outside, look within. If we really believe the truth, why is it that our lives are not radically changed? My God! Why are we ALL not preaching????

James 2:5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?

Who is chosen to be rich in faith? THE POOR OF THIS WORLD!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If this is so, why does everyone strive so hard to be rich in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? It's crazy! It's demonic! It's paralyzing!

If we do not know Him, we are terribly lost. It's the only thing that matters.

Evangelism? Yes, by those who know HIM. But first you have to know HIM. Evangelism is easy, if we know Him.
Prayer time, meeting with God would not be a labor, but a joy, if we know Him.

I read stories about "great men of God" who labored all night in "prayer". If they knew Him as He desires to be know, they would have worshipped all night, anxious for nothing. We know of Him, but we do not know Him. If we knew Him, we would immediately repent. Can there be salvation without repentance? No!!!

God is not pleased with our sin offerings, because God wants our hearts offered for our sin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! A thousand times yes! Turn off the movies! Turn off everything that is not God, that is not pleasing to HIM. We must become pleasers of God rather than men, and the first man who must be cast down is the one we live in.
No more foolishness! God is our only pursuit, or He is nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, the gravity of this is so great.
It is so great! It is so great! It IS SO GREAT!! But who wants to receive it??????

"Give me rocks painted gold", that's the cry of the preacher! “Give me dregs for true riches”!!

James 2:5Hearken, my beloved brethren, Hath not God chosen the poor of this world rich in faith, and heirs of the kingdom which he hath promised to them that love him?

If God has chosen the poor to be rich in faith, why is it we strive to be rich in the things of this world? Why is it we horde what wealth we have? Why is it our brethren go hungry? Those who are rich in faith go hungry while we are lavished in luxury and don't know God!!!!!!!!!! We know our preacher. We know our church. We know our choirs. We know our deacons. We know our church buildings. We know our programs. We know our activities. We know our people. But we don't KNOW GOD!!!!!!!

My Lord, my God! Seek to know Him!!! Seek ye first!!!!!!! To know Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That He knows us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt! No doubt! No doubt! No doubt!

We can't get to know Him, spending time with the world and the tares. There are no substitutes to spending time with God. If we did, evangelism would be so easy. It would not be hard to win souls. It would not be hard to spend time with God. Yet all of this is a labor because we operate in our own strength. We do not have His strength because we do not have His joy. We do not have His joy because we have not spent time with Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Lord, have mercy on ME.

What we really want, is all that He has to be ours, for ourselves; when a world hungers and thirsts and we hear not their cries. Men, women, children, rich in faith dying for their faith while we worry, even argue, about what color the Sunday school room should be painted. If Christians knew God, there would be no need for Sunday school rooms. They should call them baby Christian feeding rooms because they cannot hold a spoon for themselves and get it to their own mouths. Yet they say they know God; they say they are walking His way.
God is not mocked. Whatever we sow, we will reap. We are too busy hoarding to sew. Our barrels are empty, we have no food to share because we have riches that will be burned in the fire. Not the true riches. God is not moving in this country. He's moving in India, China, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala. Why? Because that is where the poor are.

I don’t' want to go to the mission field for them, I want to go for me! I need them so much more than they need me. I want to be where God is moving. I want to be where poor people are. I want them to show me how to be poor so I can be rich!!!!!!!!!!!!! God send me, please Lord! I need it so much. I need to become rich in faith, oh Lord, so that You will be my all in all and nothing else will matter. Help me to lay down my life of corruption and self esteem, self proclamation, self boasting, self promotion. Help me to become a boaster of You. Help me Lord, to know You; that You might know me.

This is a very special message to hear today. There may not be one other like it anywhere in this nation today. Do you realize that? We send our missionaries and try to teach the rich in faith how to be poor like we are!!!!!!!!!!!! How horrible is that? We want to Americanize the world instead of evangelize it. How horrible is that? How can our God hold back the fire?

Hearken! James said "hearken"!!! Listen! Hear-ken! Hear! Hear! If we hear, why is it we do not believe? If we believe, why do we not act? I'll tell you why! Because we are lovers of self, rather than lovers of God. We have to much earthly security to concern ourselves with, rather than God. We want earthly security as we shun eternal security. We want retirement more than eternal life. We want to win the lottery more than we want to win Christ.
Comfort, pleasure, lust of the eye, glitz, glitter. Go to the shopping malls and look. You will meet your church brothers and sisters there right along with the rest with hungry hearts, looking for some new thing that will satisfy for a few moments rather than seeking God who satisfies forever!!!!!!!!!!!! Lust of the flesh. Pride of life. ICABOD! God is not in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does not know us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We do not know HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Lord. Lord, how obvious does it have to get before we will change? We need a new life. To get it, we must give up the old life, and die. Die to self. Die to it all. Die to this world and all that it has, or thinks it has. Lord, forgive me, I'm a sinful man. The spirit of the Lord is speaking, crying, weeping, over the pathetic condition of His church. It is so polluted. He cannot even stand to be in it anymore. ICABOD is over the door. That means
the glory of the Lord has departed, and they don't even know He's gone. That's the sad part.

They are so busy with their golden calf worship, they do not realize that the man of God is up on the mountain and God is so awesome there. God is so awesome that Moses had to be hidden so he could live and tell us about it. Do we think we are going to be able to see Him on that day, and stand up boldly before Him? I think not, unless revival begins in us, right here and now. It is not my place to decide who enters in, and who does not. But I'll tell you this, we can judge our own works and figure out whether they will stand the fire in His eyes and the sword in His hand.

Fire! Fire from heaven. Fire in His eyes, no longer shut up in our bones. It's in His eyes. Will our works stand before Him? Will He know us? Will we know Him? "Depart from Me" is not something we want to have spoken to us. So we must repent, here and now and seek our God…..our Awesome God!

Lord, that we may know You, and You know us. Nothing else matters Lord. Nothing!! We must know You, and You must know us. Do whatever You have to do, Lord. I want to be known by You. I want to know You. Help me Lord, in my unbelief.

Praise God! I am blessed because I have heard this message with an open heart. Lord, help me to live it before I preach it. Selah! Pause and think of that. I know you will, because you love Him above all others and He loves you. So when you meet with Him, please remember me, amen. I'm a broken vessel. Broken, crushed into fine powder, so that living water can be added and I can be reborn, reshaped, into His image, for His glory, for His life. I want to see me broken before God. I know that God is speaking, and we dare not ignore Him. Selah!


God bless you real good


Lahry Sibley

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