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 Mission feild America: Muslims in America

This is a new thread from a previous post I did.

The continued increase in muslim families coming to America presents many oppurtunities.

First, we don't have to travel oversea's to share the gospel with them, they are here!

Next the primary ones to hear that gospel will be the children. Through friends at school and being invited to youth meetings etc. Now lets say that the child converts. If the parents are strict in Islam they will not like this at all.

Some of us who may have to deal with the previous scenario need to be praying for wisdom on handling it. This is a very real potential for some of us to be experincing as we continue forward. this current incident in the headlines helps bring this to the forefront of some of our minds to pray and think on.

Many years ago Robert Morrey published a book about Islam gaining ground in America. At the time I was not interested for various reasons. I see now that that book ,even though I have not read it, was a warning and wake up for the church in Amercia. I often respond to late to warnings and wake ups. However Islam in America is a growing mission field for us. God is sending them to us that they might be saved!! Lets do all we can to be ready to share the Gospel. God bless.

 2009/8/13 16:15

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