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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : When God Stepped Down From Heaven

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 When God Stepped Down From Heaven


" The greatest problem that besets the nation today is not Communism, Modernism, or Liberalism, but DEAD FUNDAMENTALISM! We need another heaven sent visitation from God, accompanied by the sin convicting Power of God, as in the days of old, that will revitalize both pulpit and pew, and cause multitudes of sinners to turn to Christ. This is the ministry that the great God of revival is waiting to impart to those that will seek the face of God in fasting and prayer until God has met them in a new experience of power, and then go forth fearlessly preaching the whole council of God - including the judgements of God!"


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 Re: When God Stepped Down From Heaven

May I ask, who is this quote by, or is it your own thoughts?


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May I ask, who is this quote by, or is it your own thoughts?

The quote is from duncan campbell used of God in the 1950 hebrides revival.

[b]When God Stepped Down from Heaven by Duncan Campbell[/b]

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 Re: When God Stepped Down From Heaven

I agree with you 100%. We need heaven sent Revival. We need revival like they had at Azusa st.They hungered for the presence of God more than life itself. We need to get HUNGRY for more of God and His Presence.When we get hungry for God and Him alone, then we will experience heaven sent REVIVAL.God will not share His glory with idols and flesh. If people in America will spend more time with Jesus before they go to church. Instead of spending so much time primping their appearance, God would pour HIS SPIRIT OUT in mighty healing waves of glory. Do you really want REVIVAL? America. We have a nation of people who want something for nothing. I recieve a paycheck every week. To recieve this money I have to go out and WORK. You have eternal life because Jesus Christ carried His cross to calvary. There are no shortcuts with God. Asuza happened because Thomas Seymour placed Himself on the cross, and went down in death with Christ. HE died to selfishness and sin. When WE SELL OUT TO CHRIST we will see REVIVAL. May the God of eternity bless you with Hunger for more of Him and His Amazing Grace.


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