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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : waht is Moral Government Theology?

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 waht is Moral Government Theology?

If this thread gets locked, oh well.

I just want to know what Moral Government Theology is.
What are the dangers of Moral Government Theology?
What is the logical conclusion to Moral Government Theology?

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 Re: waht is Moral Government Theology?

If this thread gets locked, oh well.

Amazing that as soon as one gets locked, another one immediately springs up.

If you must know what MGT is, you can research it on a search engine. We would ask you to please not precipitate further discussion/debate on any of these volatile systems in the forum - including Calvinism, Arminianism, MGT, et cetera. If you are honestly seeking enlightenment on these systems, there are several places on the net to learn about them. As it stands, they are simply too divisive to be discussed here.

Thank you. Thread locked.

Paul Frederick West

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