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 The Secret Press ~ Extreme Devotion

The visitors secretly and quietly arrived at the home of the elderly Chinese woman. They were escorted behind a curtain and then crawled over one hundred yards through a long, dark tunnel that opened up into two small cave-like rooms.

In one of the rooms, a nineteen-year-old Christian girl named Kati Li operated a small, primitive press. For months at a time, Kati would work in this cave, printing illegal books and other Christian material. If discovered, she would no longer be able to show her true identity in public.

But as the secret press produced more books and tracts, the Public Security Bureau (PSB) became suspicious and began to question the villagers. Those who knew of the press were unwilling to cooperate.

Finally, angered by the lack of cooperation, the PSB began to use dynamite and blow up each house in the village until they finally arrived at the old woman’s home. The cave was discovered and the printing press confiscated. The workers had escaped beforehand, however, unharmed.

To this day, Kati Li and the other workers remain in hiding. If found, they would be immediately imprisoned and possibly executed. They will never be able to see their friends and family members again. But Kati’s work and testimony live on through the books and tracts she produced. To this day they are read by thousands of Chinese Christians.

[i]It may be interrupted. It may be diverted. It may even be temporarily suspended. But God’s kingdom is constantly advancing forward. It can never be stopped. Christ set the kingdom in motion when he gave the Great Com-mission to his disciples. Since that day, those who are being added to the kingdom have continued to grow full force despite enemy opposition. Certainly, many have attempted to stop the gospel altogether, but they have failed. Have you experienced an interruption to your ministry? Have you been concerned that your part is over due to unforeseen circumstances? Remember, God is not finished with you yet. Your impact for the gospel will continue as long as you remain faithful to him.[/i]

 2009/8/8 17:19

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