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 Army recruiting Internment/Resettlement Specialist

From the website

Comments on this at Lee Rockwell's site,

Germany did not believe what was happening. We have the benefit of hindsight. Shall we keep our heads in the sand? Pray that we will be good Soldiers for Jesus, no matter the battlefield.

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 Re: Army recruiting Internment/Resettlement Specialist

I read through the army job add, but I don't understand what this position is suppose to be for? I am probably just not seeing what is right in front of me, but if any of the ex military guys that post would share what they know about this I would be grateful.

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 Re: Interment/resettlement.... Not One World tryanny but...

There are military prisons all over the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, and the US. Interment is another word for prison time; that simple. Military people, of course, fill those positions, and that is what the training MOS is about..[ military service occupation. ]... Prison guard..] It also includes the resettlement necessary after a National disaster or attack.

Resettlement may become a reality, but I suspect not for the reasons that the Conspiratorial crowd may suspect.

What if a massive dirty bomb nuke were exploded in NYC? Wouldn't it be wise that the government had a evacuation plan in place?, and wouldn't it make sense that it would include a resettlement plan? Millions of panicked people would have only this to depend on, to survive.

After the debacle at New Orleans..[ the mayor was the biggest villain in it all, {not Bush }.. and he was re-elected..]we were exposed as a Nation to be rather weak in this area. In a similar case, it has been proven that we will need a trained military to assist. I believe that over 100,000 people or more were resettled also.

New Orleans proved that Anarchy probably would arise also, as there were armed gangs of thugs looting, and also some cases of rape and armed robbery. The police force crumbled; some officers even committed suicide, and the troops were called in. Martial Law was instated, and some who defied were shot. This was harsh, but necessary, for innocent people were being abused.

In some cases, Government military intervention is a good thing. I served, as does my son today, on his way to his second tour in Iraq. Many, many soldiers have taken oaths to defend the constitution, and I personally do not believe they would allow tyranny to overcome America. I also see the specter of totalitarian socialism rising, which is simply Communism as we know it. It always begins with class envy, and a mantra of the poor being entitled to houses, land, and equal care for all. Sound familiar?

Communism and the true Gospel of Jesus are always at WAR with each other, and the gospel is banned in every radical communist state. It is being attacked on every level here today, also.

Pray for America and her leaders. Nebuchadnezzar became a brother.

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