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Sister, I'm not "caught up in politics" as you say, I posted an op-ed piece from the NY Times, thats all. I didnt opine on it, I didnt hyperventilate, just posted it up, thats all. I wrote you a long post last night, only to hit the "submit" button and to see that SI was down, and my post was absorbed into the ether...oh well, ....y'know at one time I ministered to the homeless men in my district, and part of that included taking them to the emergency room for such basic stuff and sinus infections, I've sat in packed emergency rooms with them for anywhere between 8 to 12 hours, just to be seen. A waiting room packed to the gills with very sick people, you could see the pain on their faces, many, too many, of them children. Now if there are believers on this forum who feel comfortable as Americans AND as followers of Jesus with that kind of set-up, so be it, as we are all working out our own salvation with fear and trembling, but there is going to come a day when they be's a knocking calling out "Lord, Lord", and God only knows what they will hear in Matthew 25, and dont buy into this whole crock of a dividing line between "social" Gospel and "salvation" Gospel, there is One Gospel, One Word, One Jesus, One God, and He sees all.

Its funny, not hah ha funny, but ironic how bills to fund an ill advised, ill thought out murderous war pass wityh nary a peep, to the tune of trillions of dollars, but when it comes to taking care of our own, watch out, plenty of shrill rhetoric, and a plateful of lies, thats not politics, thats just common sense illuminating hypocrisy, and like Frank said, to think that the Church would wed itself to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, a pair of godless hellions I ever heard, is beyond me. Those two, my very soul fears for them, because if they dont quit worshipping the golden calf with their patented palaber, Lord have mercy, they will both split hell wide open when they give up their mortal coil.

ok, thats enough. If the legislature passes health care reform, fine, if it doesnt, fine...the die has already been cast on my motherland, America.

 2009/8/15 19:45

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 Re: RDG

Dear Brother Neil, I understand what you shared here and how you poured your heart into this post. I understand caring for the sick and loving others that is exactly what we are called to do. You know I don't vote(lots a Christians disagree with me on that, and that ok by me) I don't talk politics or really even follow the news, for me, in my heart this is not my home, my home is with Jesus. I want to spend my time seeking Him and living for others. I want to be faithful to pouring out my life into others so that they might see Jesus. Its not about America being a great nation for me, its about living for Jesus. I think you feel this way too. Loving Him and looking every day for opportunity to be a servant. I just wanted to say again that many of your posts have really touched me because even in the middle of some ugly arguments here on the forum you have stepped in and reminded others to look to the Lord. You have shared how this worldly stuff just does not matter, that we must look to Him because He matters, and I was blessed by that. I guess with the political article that you posted I missed something, and that was Jesus. He just did not seem to point us toward Him or reflect Him. Brother if I offended you then I am so sorry that was not my intention.Time is so precious and so short, we are given each day to live in Him and to encourage, admonish, and build one another up daily so that we are always turning to Jesus! That was what I was trying to say and share with you. I am praying for you, that your strength and energy might be restored to you.

with care and love in Him

 2009/8/15 22:20Profile

 Sunny Day ...oppps I mean rainy day girl

you didnt offend me [b]at all![/b] I'm resigned to whatever hell, man or the devil reigns on earth, and its coming, [b]but[/b]so will Jesus Messiah.

this might seem strange, but you know what I pray for?, that the powers of this age, make Christianity/Judaism illegal, that they make assembling in worship illegal, and that they make ownership of the Bible illegal....all at the penalty of death. watch the Church grow, those will be glorious days....oh yes, they will be very tough nasty days where the blood of the saints will flow, and many tears will be shed, but they will birth a Church of Apostolic Glory, the devil, satan, abaddon, the destroyer, whatever one calls him, may be cunning, but in reality he is stupid, he always overplays his hand, his destruction is nearing.

Our God is a consuming Fire, this I know.

One day in the Heavenly Jerusalem, my sister, one day, that is our Glorious Hope.

in Jesus love, neil

 2009/8/15 22:35

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