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 What Revival?

This is an excellent article IMO and makes some good points:

I'd be interested to read some feedback.

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 Re: What Revival?

Hmmm... well, I don't know about the "purpose-driven" teachings so... I can't say much. And as far as revival... I don't think I ever personally witnessed any. I've heard stories... but that's all. [sigh] I'm... still not sure where I stand on this... issue/topic. With what little I know intellectually and by experience, for now I believe that revival isn't a big show but rather a change of heart; changing the way you've been going for a better, more edifying, profitable way by the Holy Spirit's leading and guiding. And really... I don't know what else to add. I'm sure God still has much to teach me concerning all this. May revival start in the depths of my own heart.

Yolanda Fields

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Amen, it's in the Heart that's what God looks at. :-P

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