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Well, Frank I do think we agree. All of us agree that we need both.

Maintaining balance isn't a static's moving back and forth in response to every little lack of balance we percieve. Two people are walkng on the same rope. At any given moment one might be leaning a little more to the right, while another is pulling back to the that moment they seem to be moving in opposite directions, but really they are walking forward on the same rope;)

We need both to keep walking.

When I try to say more, I end up making less sense. In fact, it may already be too late. ;)


Mike Compton

 2009/8/5 21:37Profile


NO, Mike, I think you said it well :) Taylor makes some good points, all I would say, and I have said it repeatedly on various threads, the genuine man of God will soak up the Scriptures. I have yet to meet what I consider to be, a genuine regenerated soul, who did not soak up the Scriptures. Now, I am not sure about the systematic part. The only system that makes sense to me is how the Holy Spirit taught me and opened up the Scriptures to me. I went to Bible school and it can be a graveyard for the Spiritual person. Men's wisdom frequently, not always, but frequently overiding the leadings and teachings of the Holy Spirit. Knowledge held in high esteem, always a new thesis, always a new side to centuries old arguments and so on. It often becomes a battleground of the ego's. I took a class called "Dispensational Pre-millenialism." Now, you should get an A just for being able to say and spell that. The teacher, who only read the Scriptures in Greek(always impressive, always a source of pride:) wrote his thesis on Mat 24, all 339 pages of it:) Now, cmon. Paul was a smart guy, I know that, best school of the day, Ivy league no doubt, but the mystery that was revealed to him, the visions that he saw, the miracles that were wrought through him had nothing to do with his previous training. Everything he ever learned or knew led him to "Oh wrtetched man that I am." Only after illumination, could Paul be used. Now unlearned fishermen amazed the brightest minds of the day. So we see, the top of the educational heap, to the totaly uneducated , God used them all and only God was glorified. This was not by accident, God will share His glory with no man or educational system. No room for pride, nothing that we add, its all of Him. If every B ible school disappeared tomorrow, Christianity would continue as strong as ever, perhaps even stronger. Teaching, being a gift from God, would still be amongst the Body, and receiving teaching, and learning for ourselves would still be a matter of illumination........Frank

 2009/8/5 23:10

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appolus wrote:
Now unlearned fishermen amazed the brightest minds of the day.

...Because they had learned CHRIST. (Eph. 4.20).

Christ: a totally different dimension of knowledge taught in an entirely different kind of school, the one all true disciples are enrolled in.


Allan Halton

 2009/8/5 23:39Profile


Yes, they had walked with HIm and been baptized in the Holy Spirit and their "heart." would burn within them as He expounded the Scriptures to them, illuminated the Scriptures to them........Frank

 2009/8/6 8:41

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