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 Airport chapels removing Christian symbols

[b]Airport chapels removing Christian symbols[/b]

While U.S. airports often have chapels, many of them no longer display crosses or other symbols that would make them specific to a particular faith.

The chapel at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport features a silhouette of a person kneeling and a generic stained-glass window.

Atlanta's airport chaplain is a United Methodist, but has become a jack of all faiths. He says rosaries, yarmulkes, prayer shawls, and a Catholic Mass kit are tucked away for use as needed.


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 Re: Airport chapels removing Christian symbols

Read this earlier today and thought of this quote - If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. . .

You do not need to go into a 'special' chapel to pray to Almighty God. You do not need displays of stained glass or soft organ music piped through a $10,000 sound system.

They can change their chapels all they want, it doesn't change the rules.

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