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 Re: Reputation...

I agree with you deep thinker, that we should strive to have a good reputation with the world, but having said that, a few things need to be well-defined.

If we say we strive to have a good reputation with the world, it means that they see and acknowledge the love we as Christians have for one another as well as for our fellow neighbour. In other words, they do not hate us because we do that which is wrong.

If the world are to hate us, believe me they will, it is to be because we bear witness to the truth, because we testify of Jesus Christ, and because our righteousness reflects on their corruption. Let them hate us because we preach the truth and because we do good, let them hate us because they are convicted by the message we preach and live, but not because we are lawbreakers or act as irresponsible parents.

We should be asking ourselves whose great name we should be protecting? Oh, may it never be that we should bring shame to the matchless name of Christ. People who will not take their children to the doctor, are very self-centered people who care more about the performance of their own faith, than they care about the name of Christ, I'm sorry to say...

Carsten Stampe Jorgensen

 2009/8/11 2:50Profile

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 Re: Faith Healing

Should the government be allowed to come in and sentence these parents, if indeed, they believed the daughter had the flu?

My answer to this question is : "NO!". Whether one chooses to seek medical help should be left to the individual. The gov has no business telling a citizen how they need to treat their illnesses.

Having said this, I suspect folks will be sent into prison for not yielding to this gov mandate. If this is the case, it just may be that God will use this kind of situation to take his children into a place where they can minister that would otherwise be closed.

Let us work to look at these situations from God's perspective and see what happens. Instead of crying and pitying ourselves for freedoms that are taken away they may in fact be opportunities God is providing for his children to minister to others. At the very least it could bring more Glory to God then if it did not happen.


Sandra Miller

 2009/8/14 11:23Profile

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