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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : Why is God relational? this is meant in the critical sense and you may ask why would you ask this...

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 Why is God relational? this is meant in the critical sense and you may ask why would you ask this...

You know I have been pondering something for a while and in some ways even not liking it. I had prayed to God why do you not just grow me in a second and make me a mighty man of God so that I can serve you and spread your Gospel around the world?! Why do I have to wait years and why do you have to do it so relationally in a personal and slow way? Why not just all at once bam powerful? In one sense and sometimes He does. In other times God works relationally and personally with us in a slow way just as a mother would raise children year by year. However, would I say is it that slow does that mean if I got saved 8 years ago that I am only 8? That would mean we would die before we were spiritual men and oh what a waste? Well, some grow faster and some slower depending. I would say no in some ways it is not as slow, but in some cases yes maybe like with Moses in Midian for a VERY long time what was it 40 years before the 40 in the wilderness. Even though if it is long He then can put you on the scene if even for a short time like John the Baptist and have you to do the job of a hundred or that you would not have done in a hundred lifetimes in a moment. The reason that God has to do it relationally is because He is relational and He has made relationships to be and He sees it fit and He does not change His ways for they are beautiful and right. Another question has arisen why if God poetic and romantic or even dramatic with His dealing on earth? For you will see the ways in which God works in the scriptures are often colorful. Once again this is the way He is. Would you deal with those with whom you have relationships and love dearly in a stoic fashion? No. It is because God's heart is filled with a love that many waters cannot quench. So you will see and so will I that God is this way because of who He is and because it is practically good. It encourages us to also be a prophetic people. A people who not only do things in zeal because they need to be done, but who do it God's way. It forces us into humility and intimacy and dependance on God and the body and to hear His voice and believe things which seem upside down and God likes these things and attributes. We need gifts. Why? Because we NEED God! How vainly emphatically puffed up we are to think obnoxiously that we can do withouth. Brothers and sisters we need Revival! so to say we need God we need the anointing. It is time to see Cessasionism for what it is in its harsh darkness. God come and be relational with your people again oh how we miss you we ask for more God. I have often fought against these things in my carnality but God is RIGHT let all men be liars but God be true. We need to freshly look at Scripture without selfly bias and not be offended at what we read and run until we are able to receive.

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 Re: Why is God relational? A critically important question.

What a wonderful question: Why is God relational?

Knowing God is everything: John 17:3 and Phil. 3:10.

God makes Himself know in relationship. Creation itself, is God making Himself known. Consider the trinity, we say “the triune nature of God.” Talk about relational! The three-in-one Truth that 3 IS 1. the Truth of John 10:30, the abiding Truth of John 14: 20, and John 17: 21; and the fellowship we have, one with another, in this mystery of the Body of Christ..

Did you know that the three primary meanings of LOGOS are reason, word and ratio. Not that's a relationship. [Eventually The Blue Letter Bible and Thayer's Lexicon get around to that fact. [u]Can you tell me what ONE English word carries ALL that those THREE words contain[/u]? Translators of John 1: 1 are faced with picking one word for logos. Most choose “Word”. So do I, for one over-arching reason: “In the beginning God created.....He said.” But oh, the relationship of reason, word, and ratio in the Truth of John 1:1.

Your question, Why is God relational? touches on the nature of “ratio.” [u]Ratio IS the relationship between two things[/u]. Expressed mathematically in numbers, “the ratio of 1 to 2” is written “1/2.” This mathematical expression “1/2” is different from “1” and different from “2.” Put into words, ½ is “one [u][b]is to[/u][/b] two” or “ one separated/divided into two.” I hope you can see creation in this. Do you see that when 1 is in relationship to anything, creation begins.

Here is some more “creation”:

Fill in the blank: “one is to two, as two is to ____ (what). Put into numbers, this question is “Fill in the ?: ½ = 2/?” When you answer that question (solve that mathematical equation) you again have something NEW. In terms of numbers, you have 4.

Ratio, RELATIONSHIP, is very rich, it is a very rich word, it is a very rich LOGOS (Eph 2: 7, Eph. 3:8, Col. 1:27). It is even possible to see the Trinity in the word logos (reason, word, ratio: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. We are born “of the Spirit of God”, born again in (into that) real, personal, living, RELATIONSHIP.

OK. I probably should have left this post in its short form: [b][u]God makes Himself know in relationship. Creation itself, is God making Himself known[/b][/u]. We all know the Truth of Romans 1: 20: God makes Himself know in creation. And we all know the necessity of the new-birth that restores/gives RELATIONSHIP with God. Holy riches. I could not say enough in praise of God and thanksgiving for God's relational nature.

The whole of God is everywhere. Even in mathematics :-) which I once did not like very much. But He re-news our mind.

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 Re: Why is God relational? this is meant in the critical sense and you may ask why wo

I've often wondered about those things. I was saved when I was 15 years old and now I am much much older now. I've heard the call for Revival on many occasions all have just shriveled up in a matter of weeks. I am not talking about the barking and hissing or even the laughing movements, never could get into that stuff. But I remember hearing a message from an old preacher who said, "When the church comes back to having a relationship with their God, then God will meet them. When they have pushed out all the trash out of their lives then He would give them what they desire". When we seek God with all our heart, our desires change. When we first went into this relationship we wanted certain things, but as we get closer to the Father the desires change into, "Give me souls ere I die". Because that is the Fathers heart.

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