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 Please pray for a young patriot, my son.

I have "sat" on this prayer request for several weeks now, just waiting for release, because brethern I [b]really covet your prayers[/b]especially in this regard; My 13 year old son, I'll call him by the nickname that I gave him, "Boomey" at age 13 has made the decision to attend one of America's elite military academies for high school, because he wants to further his goal of attending the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, and to be accepted to flight school, become a Naval Aviator, and then to go into the space program.

To that end, his mother took him to the academy he had in mind, beautiful campus, rigorous academic's (they also have service academy preps programs there for college students) and a totally squared away culture, as well as campus ministries. That day, he took their entrance exams, and tested in the top 1 percentile, so they immediately accepted him, thank the Lord....AND to show God's blessing and favor, we were actually awarded a 50% scholarship.

[b]But[/b] thats just getting in the door, now Boomey needs God's help, I'm getting to the prayer points. (forgive me if I'm seemingly long winded, he's my boy, my heart, my only child) Boomey is a lad that got right with God about 6 years ago. When it came the day I was to be water baptized, my then 7 year old came up to me and said, "Daddy I want to be baptized with you". My heart leapt, but I kept my cool and asked, "do you know what that means?" and as clear as a bell, he responded, "Yes, it means that I accept Jesus as my personal Savior and ask him into my heart". [b]Thank You Jesus![/b]

After telling pastor Ted this, that day not only was he saved, but we were both water baptized, no matter what happens to these tents of flesh of ours, we will always be together, every parent here knows what I speak of. Boomey's faith is steady and calm, sure he's a kid, and rambunctious, but would you cover this young patriot in these specific prayer points and wherever the Lord leads you to pray for my Boomey. (my eyes are watering, I can still feel his baby body in my arms)

1. Dear God, please give Boomey favor in the eyes of his superiors and other cadets, and please ease his heart of any fear.

2. Please give Boomey a spirit of submission to authority, let his words be "yes sir" and "no sir". Still his mind to complete the tasks of tending to his uniform, berthing area and studies.

3. Please be with him, as he goes thru the first intense phase of this academy which is a 21 day "recruit at training" period, where I'm sure they will show him, what it means to wear the uniform, which means its going to be a little rough. Please God, help him complete this phase in Your Name, with flying colors.

4. Have him be a truth teller, O' God, always, keep his heart in Your's. Please Lord, put the desire in him, to always avail himself of the Christian worship and fellowship on campus. Bring alongside him other cadets who are follower's of yours that these young men edify one another. Keep him pure as like every other military unit or school, or vessel is now co-ed, let him know that physical fraternerization with female cadets is off limits.

5. Please comfort and love his mother's heart, as she will be pressed, as this is the first time, she won't see him everyday. Please Jesus, put your shalom peace on this dear woman.

6. Please dear Lord, in Jesus' Name, let Boomey graduate with flying colors, to glorify You, not that he would be a "war-monger" or a "killer", but a defender and patriot upholding and defending both this nation and our Constitution. Please God, I beg you, have mercy on America, forgive us our sins, all of them, and give us leaders who are wise and men and women of peace. and God, if Boomey takes the next step, surround him with the same favor, the same hedge of protection, and Lord if he takes the next step, let him be a leader and give him Your Wisdom, and Your Mercy, and surround him with other shipmates and aviators, who are of like mind and spirit, and protect them all. In Jesus Name I pray....amen.

Brethern, if you made it this far, how can I ever express the gratitude of a father? I will only be able to do it in the New Jerusalem, unless of course, I see you, or God allows me to go to Loughgor, or any other conference, and in that case, I'll give you a holy kiss, neil (said kiss "salted" with peppermint altoids) :-)

Praise the Lord for deigning to assure me IN Faith, by speaking to me via the Holy Ghost!!!

Thank You Jesus!!! Praise Your Name Lord!!!!

(later addition--this is what I've been watching as I comtemplated all this alone, its a PBS series called "Carrier", its a remarkable series, and I know you will enjoy it, I wept many times thru it, considering that my boy could be in such a world. Whatever he does with his life, I'm always there, and God willing always proud, but as a Navy veteran, I would especially proud

[url=]"Carrier"[/url] )

 2009/7/30 2:46

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 Re: Please pray for a young patriot, my son.



 2009/7/30 2:58Profile


My brother in the Lord... you KNOW my prayers are all over this!


 2009/7/30 9:08

 God bless you Krisp.

Brother, dear brother, I was going to PM you over this request, but I'm sure glad you picked up on it, yes sir, your prayers are most coveted, most coveted indeed.

I'm just looking at the short term, I really ask God to give him that spirit of submission to make it thru the initial "boot camp", and as you know, he has to do a total "buy-in" to the program, and get rid of the civilian "headspace"....."yes sir"...."no sir", thats all they want to hear. But I sure am proud of him, my son...very rare a 13 year old makes that call on his own, though I think I might have had an influence. (lol)

God bless and prosper you and your dear family, in Jesus' love, FW

 2009/7/30 10:29

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 Re: God bless you Krisp.

Hey Neil

I just wanted to let you know I will be praying for your son.

your little sis in Him

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 Thank You Elizabeth

and God bless you, neil

 2009/7/30 20:44

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