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 some thoughts

There is a reason why the Lord strictly prohibits Tattoo as much as why idol worshippers wanted it on.
It is a fact that our time now is in the New Testament time its more spiritual than literal. Lets consider this: if Baptism is an expression of an inward faith can we say in any way that tattoos are an expression of our love for the Lord? We,as His children,i deeply feel must do act and behave in ways not according to ours but according to His. Oftentimes we always use our own(old man) strength and ideas to serve Him , remember Uzzah? Remember Moses? Sometimes it comes to the point of compromising to win some souls. But does it really work? Matthew 28:18-20 The weapon of our warfare is the victory and authority of our Lord. We use the excuse of being spiritual to deal lightly with tattoos and yet ironically using tattoos, an earthly physical means(instead of prayer) as an idea or method in serving the Lord esp when it comes to winning souls and reminding us of God's love? Very Ironic.
God's work must be done in God's way God's strength and in God's time that i believe is spirituality.

Just wondering if tattoos were never a trend or a fashion in our wolrd will there be any one wearing one?

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 Re: some thoughts

Started to reply to this, and realized that it belongs in the "tattoos?" thread in the Scripture and Doctrine forum. Oops. :oops:

Mary M.

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