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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : A couple hard passages that I am looking for answers on like David with a harem?...

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Yeah I knew which passage you were talking about. I just wanted to look it over as a topic like this is hard to digest. It is definitely clear I would say. At the same time I would still guess it God's ideal to have 1 with 1 as for instance Elders and such are to be of 1. Adam was of one. Peter was of one. Jesus will be of one though many still one. I still don't understand it all.

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make sure you post what you come to. Very curious what you make of this. Thanks.

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 Re: A couple hard passages that I am looking for answers on like David with a harem?.

I would believe in Genesis 2:24, God stated what marriage is. Between one man and one woman becoming one flesh. Due to the wresting of the law, Jesus came and defined what adultery really is: Matthew 5:28. Which is lusting in the heart.

I would even say that Samson did get judged, maybe not in the way that we would have expected, but because of his looseness and lifestyle it, slowly caused him to become weaker. Maybe not physically but spiritually.

Another thing to note that many of the things in the OT, were types and shadows. Adam sinned, and God said he would die, but yet he still lived. So what part of him truly died? Is this not the same thing that had came upon David? (Psalms 51:11) Did not the same thing happen to Samson? (Jdg 16:20) Is not our God merciful at the same time? (Rom 2:4)

We must also see that no one in the OT was saved by the law, but by faith. The law was to show us the sinfulness, which they did all confess of there need for Christ. There hearts at that time could only be broken before God, but never purified like in the NT. So for that reason I believe God was merciful to them, just like he is to us, wanting us to come to repentance, but now our hearts can be purified. I know this does not answer all. But just some thoughts

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