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 Re: out of church

Hi Guys!
Interesting, what I'm reading here. I have just come out of organized church 1 month ago. We had a crisis in our home which culminated in my husband surrendering his life to Christ(supposedly). I believe that God has directed me to stay away from "church" lest it kills my husband before he has any root. I have disliked organized church for a long time (years). I love God now more than ever. I've just had it with the one man show, and their so-called agenda for God. I can't take it anymore. I want to see God move in the way he promised in Joel. And it ain't happening in organized church because they've got God hammered to the floor. I believe it's going to take this mass exodus from organized church for the spirit of religion to be defeated. Don't get me wrong, I love the Body of Christ. I just see so many people in churches who are an afront to the true Gospel. I want to be accountable to my brothers and sisters and I want to be a part of corporate worship and Bible study. I just don't want to be committed to an organization anymore.

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