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 Glory to God healing

Perhaps many remember praying last year over several months, for Ami Ortiz, the son of a Messianic Pastor in Ariel, Israel. He opened a purim present delivered to family door, perhaps intended for his father. that was a disguised bomb.

God has truly answered the prayers of His people. Doing one "impossible" healing after another as this video shows. [url=]Thank you, Father![/url]

You can find a pdf file on SI by searching his name. There was no thread on either the News or Prayer Forum (date 3/21/08). What a crown this video would be there. We had such specific prayer for his life, rapid healing, his eye, one lung, muscles shredded, etc. and these are mentioned in the video.

[EDIT] Here is a [url=]second site/link[/url] with a written report and other links.

[EDIT] Addition: Tonight (Tammuz 22 - July 14) in the opening ceremony of the Maccabiah, Ami Ortiz will be carrying the flag for the Puerto Rican team!! The Jewish community in Puerto Rico were outraged when they heard about the bombing, and they voted to have Ami carry their flag. Channel One at 8:15.

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 Re: Glory to God healing

Thank you for posting this Joan. I was just wondering about Ami the other day. For some reason the video won't play for me right now so I will have to try again later.

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 Re: Glory to God healing

Thank you for sharing this, sister! I've posted a link to this thread on the old thread that was called "Pray for Ami".

~Joy :)

 2009/7/16 12:53

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