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[i]PS... Haven't read Pagan Christianity, but after reading through this thread, I am going to be on the lookout for a copy. Thanks for the tip, Banks![/i]

If I may, I believe the book "Rethinking the Wineskins" may actually be a better book to read and understand what the early church may have looked like than "Pagan Christianity". I have read may of Frank Viola's books and I believe that while "Pagan Christianity" deals alot with the history of IC practices, it would be very easy for many to be offended and cast it off without giving it a fair shake. "Rethinking the Wineskins" gives a lot of the same information that is in "Pagan Christianity", but it probably would not offend quite as quickly.

Just a thought,

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You are a good man - I just had to drive home the point. It would be very easy to go back and find all the times I did very much the same thing. It's just the principle of the matter.

Mike Balog

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Reading this thread has been interesting.
I think it sounds like it's almost done, but I just thought I'd add my two cents worth. :o)

Personally I have become very leery about ready new books because so many sound so good, but then when the truth about the authors is discovered, it appears that they are false prophets and wolves in sheeps clothing.

As one person said, "One doesn't catch many fish unless he has a look-a-like bait".

I never read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, but now I am glad that I didn't. I don't need to now that I know who he really is and what he really believes. In looking at his website and all the information he provides I would never have guessed. But he does not believe that Jesus is God, that He was born of a virgin, and is God come in the flesh. He is a CFR member which is tied with the Trilatteral Commission, which is tied with "secret societies" such as the Illuminati.

Even the elect will be decieved.

Personally, I'd stick with older men of God who have run the race, kept the faith, and finished well.

I'd prefer to read Scripture. What's wrong with not reading Pagan Chrstianity? A person can't go wrong by not reading it, but those that read it are open to deception and to believing lies from the devil who transforms himself into an angel of light.

All I need to know about the early church is given in Scripture, and I don't need to read people's opinions or "fact". America has re-written history and people are swallowing it whole, and I'm sure they wouldn't be afraid to re-write church history either, if it would help them bring about their one world religion. I'm not saying that this Frank is re-writing history, I'm just saying that I'm not trusting him or staking my beliefs on what he says.

Personally I think house churches are good as long as they[u]are[/u]good and based on Christ, and that the churches of true believers should un-register. Our country will be full-fledged communists in a very short time.

Personally I think I won't miss out on anything if I bypass all these books and just stick with the Word of God.

Ruth Anna

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I believe that we could all profit from this discussion.

I know that I have been very dogmatic on certain issues in the past and have to admit that I didn't see the whole picture accurately.

The least that we can do is to treat others the same way that we would want to be treated, and that is with respect.



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