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that's know that may be a good idea for telemarketers also! wouldn't hurt to try... i usually screen my calls and i never answer strange numbers. maybe i should start answering and start preaching to 'em! ;-)

Wendy :-D

 2009/7/11 22:47Profile

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ginnyrose wrote:
others are just mean

Before the appearance of caller ID I have had annoying calls. If I recall - it has been a LONG time ago..about forgot about it - this caller would call, not say anything but just breathe. So, one day I decided to start reading some scripture...and would you know? this worked! :-) For some reason it was no longer fun to call me!!

EDIT: what did I read? I do not recall exactly but what I did was open the WORD and read the first thing I came to ... Others have tried this with similar results. Old fashioned method to deal with an annoying problem that no longer exists?


That's great!

Josh Parsley

 2009/7/11 22:48Profile

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