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You certainly are a beacon of light :) It's great that there are people who care, because sadly many believers wouldn't think much of it. However it encourages you, this is a delight to read. Some friends who lived in Germany for a while said there was a lewd billboard right outside their house, and they could go to the public pool, see three naked girls there and not really think about it (how??). I do like White_Stone's petition idea; it's appalling that they'd have something like that where children would have easier access to it.

If you want to go with hmmhmm's idea, have a picture of the cross, along with text that says, "If you think this is offensive, you should've seen what was up here before!"

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 Re: I am so angry

i'm so sorry, and totally understand, i live in nyc and there is pornographic advertising everywhere. it is horrifying. i'm so sorry you have to endure this, and your poor husband. i will pray over you guys for your strength and for the Lord to glorify His name through this somehow.

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