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 Take what you need as the offering is passed

A Texas pastor has discovered a unique way to help others in the sour economy.

Toby Slough is pastor of Cross Timbers Community Church, in Argyle, Texas. Earlier this year, as the offering plate was circulated, Pastor Slough told the congregation to take money if they were suffering financially.

That day, the church reported its largest offering ever.

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 Re: Take what you need as the offering is passed

Thanks for posting this. I think it shows a real trust of the psstor for his fellow brethren in the congregation. I would not imagine a man who expected to keep the whole offering for his own agenda, making such an invitation.

Praise the Lord!

In [i]God's Smuggler[/i], Brother Andrew describes asking why people were taking money [i]out[/i] of the offering as it passed along the rows in a large Russian church, and it was explained to him they were taking small change, for larger denominations of coin, because they could not afford to do otherwise.

In the New Testament, Paul states: 1 Cor 16:1. GW North, was very keen on 'the apostles' doctrine', and 'having all things in common', and wanted to draw to our attention the need for solidarity with other saints who might be struggling financially, when he preached on that verse - that 'the collection' was 'for the saints'.


 2009/7/5 4:35

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 Re: Take what you need as the offering is passed


I posted this under another thread:

''A Christian in South Korea told me that you should give roughly a third of your tithe to the church, a third to the poor and needy with whom you come into contact and a third to your immediate family, if anyone is in need. If anyone in your immediate family, say, a brother-in-law finds himself unemployed, your care, concerns and material help to his family will win him to Christ. If you say like the Pharisee, in your heart or even to him in person, “Sorry, I can't help you, I have given my tithe to the church,” he might never open his heart to Christ. If I say to the homeless, sorry, we are building a $2 million extension to our fellowship hall to serve as a gym for the youth, how can I be a follower of Christ? Give all you can, but be discerning. These churches that take it $25,000 to $400,000 per week become empires and take on the stature of a commercial enterprise. There are many in our communities with real financial needs. Reach out and help them. You will reach the hearts of sinners that way and demonstrate the love of Christ to them. You will be amazed how many scriptures deal with this, but in 40 years, I’ve never heard a minister put the needs of the poor, naked and hungry above the needs of the church – well I have recently and it was one the powerful experiences of my Christian walk."

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 Re: It's my life and I deserve the very best and most now!

....added to alive to God RE: above...

There were rules for support and agape giving from the general fund. For example, The Widows list, and the qualifications that came with them; over 60, faithful, exhibiting loving acts etc. The idea of passing a TAKING and GIVING plate is indeed noble, but alas, the human heart is often the opposite, and most poor would think they were as entitled as anyone else.

I think that each instance was reviewed by the deacons with prayerful consideration and not apprehended willy nilly as each might decide about their own needs. Character and Faithfulness was definitely a factor.

The "collection" for the saints mentioned above, was for the poverty stricken Macedonians, to be carried back there by Paul himself, and evidently given to the elders to be dispersed in a like manner. I love Paul's revelation that we are the same; one body and members one of another, even sprinkled throughout the World.

Consider that for a season, the Church at Jerusalem "shared all things in common"; including their money bags, and understand that this was regulated also by the wisdom given the Apostles.

Today, people would be singing Janis Joplin's song; "OH Lord won't you buy me a MERCEDES BENZ"?, as they stuffed their pockets all ready for their best life now, while the true needs would be regulated for "later".

Without true and Godly, plural and non-professional shepherds, the church will perish, if it were possible. We'll get there, even if through fire.

 2009/7/5 10:45

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