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 The Way of Satan - Russell D. Moore

Peter, when he hears Jesus say, 'I'm going to be arrested and killed,' wants to say, 'That's not gonna' happen to you. We're gonna' fight for you!'

Jesus, when he turns around, says, "You are Satan. Get behind me, Satan!"

Why would Jesus call him Satan? Because Jesus understands and knows the temptation, and there is a tendency in every one of us in this room to be Satanists. You don't need black robes and goat blood to do that. All you need is to bypass the cross of Jesus Christ. You can have your mind set on spiritual things and theological things; on being a good Christian man or a good Christian woman; on living a right moral life; on having a life that is 'on mission' for Jesus Christ. You can speak and pray and talk and sing about Jesus all of the time, but as long as you keep your focus off of the fact that the only hope that you have before God is that you were crucified in Him at the place of the skull, and there is nothing within you that commends you before God; and that you were raised in that tomb on that Sunday morning, and that the only life you have is outside of you in Jesus Christ - you are following the way of man, the way of the flesh, the way of Satan, and not the way of Christ.

- Dr. Russell D. Moore
From the [url=]GMAA Collegiate Conference Session 2[/url]

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