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 The Significance of Israel’s Restoration - Katz

The Significance of Israel’s Restoration[i] by Art Katz[/i]

"If Jews have served any purpose historically in their unbelief for the church, it has been to test the church - and the church has historically failed the test. Can you tell me the name of the great father of the reform - of the reformation? Who brilliantly laid the foundations for the breaking away from Catholicism and established what we know today as the Protestant church who failed the test of the Jew? Martin Luther. He is a much greater saint than any of us. In his brilliance, in his understanding of the faith and his ability to set it forth. Majestic. But when he was touched and probed, as we Jews say, in the kishkas (sp?) - in the gut - he showed another face.

You see he naively expected that Jews who had resisted Christianity because all they saw was Catholicism would run to the Reformed - the Reformation Church because there they would see their Messianic faith. But a lack, and a lass, not one of them was impressed. He was terribly disappointed, and disappointment is the seed bed of irritation and resentment. And he had three Rabbis, I think for a number of days, and he was going to persuade them about the Scriptures and the Messianic evidence of the Scriptures that shows Jesus is the Christ and the Messiah. And these Rabbis contended against him, and for every explanation he gave, they gave an alternative explanation of another kind, and the man was beside himself, foaming at the mouth in indignation. And he finally wrote a book called 'The Lies of the Jews.' And it was one of Hitler's favorite books and gave fuel to the annihilation of Jews four centuries later."

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