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 "Vilified symbol of greed"

Hi everyone.

This portion of a headline to an article caught my attention this afternoon. In particular I noticed the word vilified, because it is something that has been discussed recently. The article was about a man that is being charged with fraud on a very large scale.

While mentioning that the man's family has been the target of suspicion and the numerous people calling for maxium punishment, what stood out to me most was how the author described him at one point, calling him 'the arch thief'.

It seemed very striking altogether, the title of the article, and that description. And it did remind me of the defenition of the greek word we had been looking at, which in the KJV is often rendered blaspheme, and according to Strong's Greek dictionary, means 'to vilify'.

And then I thought of the Apostle Paul, who, living among the Ceasers, and the Herod's, and the Pharasies, and the Simons, that he was willing rather, to vilify himself, saying that he was(or rather had been) the

cheif of sinners,

protos, formost,

of sinners, the chief.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

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