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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Cap and trade Bill passes house

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 Cap and trade Bill passes house

Folks the times are slowly beginning to change we are headed for an economic down fall like know other. We have politicians that DO NOT care what the American people want. The switchboard in D.C. crashed down because the American people called to say No on this bill. What did they do, they rushed this bill in under cover and it passed inspite of what WE wanted. So does our vote count or what we say...NO! I am fortunate that my Rep in TN listens to her voters, cares what the people of TN say.

How did your rep vote? For or against?

Here is my rep speaking against this "tax" bill.

[url=]Marsha Blackburn[/url]

 2009/6/27 9:07Profile

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 Re: Cap and trade Bill passes house

3 Arkansas reps voted against - 1 rep voted in favor.

Taylor Otwell

 2009/6/27 10:10Profile

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