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 The Revision of God's Word

I just found the first story from the New York Times, January 31, 1881 in regards to the "Revision Committee" and their "New Testament, by Westcott and Hort.

What was the response from the Protestant body of Christ in 1881? Did they accept it or reject it?

It was rejected. Why? By comparing the word of God, passed down from the believing Church since the beginning, the "Received Text", the Textus Receptus, the King James Bible against the counterfeit of the revision committee. This was done on a verse by verse basis, comparing the Bible Doctrine of the true against the doctrine of the new false "New Testament"

[url=]New Yourk Times, January 28, 1881 Response to the "Revision"[/url]

[url=]New York Times February 14, 1881- Second Response to the "Revision of the New Testament"[/url]



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