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 Sister Ginny

first question, on the mortgage, well, they'd have so many problems, it would be a mortgage holiday too.

second, about paper money, I dont trust it worth a lick, they been spinning the printing presses for months now, printing billions upon billions of physical dollars, and you know, when you make MORE of a THING, its worth less, thats why I been telling everyone I know, love, talk to, everybody, buy silver coins, and they think I'm crazy. I been telling folks this for over two years, "oh thats just paranoid neil"...they said the same thing to me in 1999, when Crude oil was at 16 to $20 a barrel, told all my trading buddies, Crude oil is going to $70 a barrel, first stop, then to $120 a barrel. Oh you should have heard the howling, "neil's crazy".

Member when you asked me for my testimony? that was it, I was trading crude oil, making really good money, for me and for clients, but I always played a very fast risky trading strategy, always have, I was raised in two worlds, first military intelligence, then in the world of trading commodities, ever since I was young. anyway, at one point I had so much Crude oil I could have started my own oil company :-) I was making a fortune, but I was vastly overleveraged, and the market backed up on me juuuust a bit, but enough to absolutely ruin me. You know, if I had just been a BIT more cautious, today I would be worth a lotta lotta money, serious money, 8 or 9 digits, BUT, I wouldnt have I DID make the right trade...amen?

The market closed, I'm wiped out, clients wiped out, brokerage houses screaming at me, etc. ...and I started to think of my two options, one, I could take a 9mm pistol, blow my brains out, this wasnt a serious option, it was just something I had "on the table" (I'm smiling at the ludicrisy of the whole situation, this was in may 2002)...but I was leaning to the second option, which was to call enough degenerate drug dealers I knew, buy enough drugs to get comfortably and completed blitzed to forget the whole mess for a few days, or maybe a week. (I'm laughing) But I had a "problem", not so much a problem, but a responsibility, I was to take my six year old son to karate class, and even though I was an unrepentant sinner, I would never expose my son to such nonsense, or even driving or being blitzed anywhere near him, so I had to call his mother, my beloved, to "spell" me that day, so I could carry out my dark plan. (we were seperated at that time, we were childhood sweeties and engaged in periodic seperations) So I could tell her anything, and she was probably the only person that had any sway over me. I told her what happened, that the walls were closing in, that I might want to blow my head off, but I was leaning towards getting crazy high. I never took to likker or cocaine, just pills, opiates, and grass, stuff that would bring me down. I hadnt popped the question yet, coz she is a fiery red headed Chicago south side irish, they'll beat the tar outta ya, those girls are tough.

but she had just gotten sober...AA, about seven months before, and she told me this, "neily, if you get scared, dont look behind you, dont look ahead, just start praying to God, 'God, please be with me'...and now go be a father to your son, take him to karate".

Obviously, I didnt get blitzed, I took that dear boy to karate, but was I scared inside. Ginny, I leaned on that prayer, and began to lean on God like you wouldnt believe. I kept saying it in my heart, over and over and over again..."please God, be with me"...not as some goofy new age mantra, but a real plea, and He was always faithful...and in His Mercy, He comforted me and then something strange happened. I had never thought about Jesus, I was raised, not ethnicly, but spiritually as a Jew, in the synagogue, and had always believed in the Existence and Totality of Yahweh, Elochim, Adonai, Ha Shem, but never Jesus. He never "occurred" to me, not that I had anything "against", to me, Jesus was a Gentile "god", but then this strange thing happened, the Small Still Voice, said, "go to a Church", so I called my son's mother and asked, "Baby, do you know of a Church I might like, I GOT to go to one this weekend". She was always a seeker, flirted with the new ager's that lived in our rural canyon, Hindu's, Buddhists and yes Christians. She had been working for John Tesh for a spell, and she was attending an Assemblies of God Church, but got frightened off after she went to seek the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and a gaggle of well-intentioned, but over zealous sisters tried to "help" her, by all going off in tongues all around her, this terrified her, but she knew this was the Church for me, because she loved the pastor, (who is now my closet friend, mentor, older brother) I went, still breathing this prayer in my soul, "God please be with me"....just clinging to Him, listened to Ted preach the Gospel, left, spent a week just waiting till I could go back there, and before service, I went up to pastor, and breathlessly told him , "I wanna be saved", he smiled, and said "Why dont listen to the sermon, and if you still feel the same way, lets pray together"...I wasnt going anywhere, I already belonged to Jesus, we just prayed together afterwards. From then on, I was at every service, every Bible study, every prayer meeting, quit drugs, quit smoking, quit cursing, quit fussing, borrowed my beloved's Bible until I bought me an NIV Study Bible, read that over and over again, slowly, lovingly. God the Holy Ghost had me configure a homeless ministry in my canyon, blessed me with support, so I could bless them all with food, sleeping bags, Bibles, clean socks, etc. God also had me doing a "burrito minitry" to Latino day laborer's looking for work, outside the post office, I make a mean burrito and would hand out Spanish and English language Bibles. Me and another brother set up a Thursday evening intercessory prayer meeting that ran for three years straight in the home of a Godly 80 year old widow, what a saint she is, we would just scale the heights in those meetings. God even had me doing a "sign ministry", you see, our canyon road was 17 miles long, and it was a major shortcut for commuters, 40,000 cars a day on the main road, and the boxes of homeless food I would get had this great white cardboard, and I hate to waste, so I was saving them, and the Holy Ghost popped this idea into my head, why not do like the old Burma Shave signs that would be along the highway in the old days? YES!! I would write "Jesus is God", "Jesus is Love", "Jesus is Friend", and first I would put them on stakes along the road. My old canyon(dont live there no more) is well known as a hippie retreat, a hippie icon, many new agers, many satanic covens, just a LOT of unclean spirits, I could tell some stories, but once I started "signing" the canyon, that stirred the devil up like you wouldnt believe, the signs would be knocked down as soon as I put them up, so I started scouting telephone poles, and started stapling them onto the poles. same thing, down they'd come. So I got a small ladder, and put them higher, they'd last for two days, they I got a HIGHER ladder, this did the trick, they'd last for a week...then the "counter" signs came in, people writing sarcastic nasty things about Jesus. It was a battle royale. It got so bad the devil would send in demon possessed people masquadering as "believer's" into the prayer meetings to disrupt, making the most absurd blasphemous prayers you've ever heard, just sick stuff, one night after the prayer meeting, out of nowhere and for no reason, one of these sad possessed souls got crazy with the devil and was threatening to attack me, for no reason. Now if you know me, thats a bad idea, lets just put it this way, one of my favo-rite movies is "True Grit", and Rooster Cogburn is my you get what I'm saying? He's screaming at me, following me, I'm walking away, just shaking my head, wanting with everything to turn around and do some real damage to this poor soul, but Jesus said, "walk on, thats what the enemy wants, for you to take the bait, and do to this soul what the devil's being trying to do to him for years" I got in that car and drove away, foul denomic curses being spit at my car. I remember just shaking my head as I drove up the mountain thinking, 'satan, we're getting to you, arent we"...and just praising God. But a battle in that kind of place can get even more uglier, let me make this story short. my prayer partner Rob and I felt a need to go deeper with God, and we set aside a day for prayer and fasting and crying out to God up on my mountainside. We were going to go all day and maybe even into the night and next day, God willing, but at 11 AM, my stomach started to hurt....BAD, unusual bad. I just thought, Bless God, as I wanted a "Gethsemane" experience, I thought thank you Lord for allowing me to share in Your sufferings to a tiny degree, but then it got worse, and worse, so bad, I had to go back in the house, go off the fast by drinking some milk, it felt like somebody had speared me in the stomach or shot me, I kid you not. I couldnt even pray, all I could do was groan in pain. Rob went down and fetched me some Milk of Magnesia, didnt work, just kept growing in pain, and he left around six. Finally I heard God tell me "!", so I had my son's mother rush over, and I was dying, I could feel it, but you know, and I think I really rattled her, when I said this, as she was driving me 20 miles to the ER, "If I die, its alright, its not a problem".....thats the way I felt, Jesus had released me from the bonds of death. She was scared, I wasnt. At the ER, they kept hitting me with all sorts of pain med's, nothing worked, until Dilaudid, pastor Ted came in, and he sat with me till 4 in the morning, when they admitted me, they couldnt figure out what was wrong with me, I KNEW what had happened, I told the pastor, but I didnt even voice such a diagnosis to a secular hospital staff ,they knew something was wrong, but couldnt figure it out, finally they gave me some jimmy rigged diagnosis, "herniated umblical" Ginny, I had NEVER known an ill day of health in my life, and suddenly I'm being cut open at 8 in the morning, after 24 hours before pleading the Blood of Christ over a stronghold of satan in travailing prayer? You know what happenned to me.

Took me about a month to recover, and a while later, God called me out of that canyon, which now has NO God honoring, Jesus loving , Bible believing Churches in it, they have a building they call a "church", but I'll say no more than that.

In about a month God has called me to my next phase of ministry. please prayer for me, your humble son, revival's a-coming Ginny!!, Praise the Lord. I love you, neil

oh silver coins if you can...pre-1965 half dollars, quarters and dimes in rolls, they contain 90% silver and are REAL money.

 2009/6/26 0:36


Dear Sister,
excellent post, wise, coherent, to the point. You said it better than I ever could.

in Jesus love, neil

 2009/6/26 0:38

 Re: Possible "Bank Holiday" discussed

Hi Neil,

if it important papers, rather than precious metals or paper cash, I wouldnt worry, but I would worry if it was money.

Does this mean you would leave [i][b]your[/i][/b] mortgage papers in the Bank, and you believe it would not matter what happened to them?

That if you lost your legal proof of owndership of your land, it would be of no consequence to you?

 2009/6/26 0:43


No, I wouldnt leave anything in a bank, maybe a used kleenex in an appropriate trash bin, but thats it. Personally I keep the bare minimum of money to cyber pay utility bills, and petrol. I have about 30 days supply of food in the larder.

I am not willing to confirm or deny anything else..........(thats a joke, laugh with me)


 2009/6/26 2:00

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 Re: Sister Ginny

Loved your testimony, Neil. And it took a financial wipeout for God to get that was a blessing! hmmmm, ya reckon if this would happen on larger scale, one would see more conversions? may be a revival IS coming?!

BTW, I won't fuss THIS time about a long post.

Ok, now to be practical about purchasing silver...would the banks have these rolls of coins? (I AM ignorant!!) We often go in there to get rolled coins to use in our business but these do not have the old ones in it.

Another dumb question: OK, now I have these silver coins, so how will they be more valuable in the purchasing of common goods? If something costs, lets say $4.89 cents and I pay it with 19 quarters, one dime and four would this differ from the coins now in circulation? Or could one go and exchange this silver coins for currency?

Neil, you can tell I never paid any attention to this stuff before - boring actually. But we do see the possibility of a huge meltdown coming and we do want to prepare for it as much as possible.

Thanks for your time...think I will PM you with another question...


Sandra Miller

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SO here is my situation, I have no land to grow anything on. In all honesty when it comes down to it, its just me and some that I care for, none of us hunt. As for protection I have Jesus, but who better to have then Him:-) I don't even own my own computer, I only have access to one when I come to visit with my friend.

So with that in mind here is what I can do, I can keep a few hundred dollars on hand( do not know where to get silver coins) Also I can buy and store some food. I have about a three weeks on hand now. Everything else I do, bills and stuff is through the bank... so where does that leave me? Any advice for a girl on her own??

Thanks for your kindness in sharing:-)

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Natan4Jesus wrote:
No, I wouldnt leave anything in a bank, maybe a used kleenex in an appropriate trash bin, but thats it. Personally I keep the bare minimum of money to cyber pay utility bills, and petrol. I have about 30 days supply of food in the larder.

I am not willing to confirm or deny anything else..........(thats a joke, laugh with me)


.9999 silver coins can be purchased online. One place that comes to mind is: [url=]Kitco[/url]

It doesn't take an economist to see what is coming.

I wonder if that bill to audit the FED will pass. Trillions of unaccounted for dollars? This is not a theory, it's a fact.


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 Sister Ginny

in 1965, President Johnson debased all our coins by taking the silver out of them, the dime, the quarter and the Half Dollar, here's a website that you show you what the metal value of all American coinage is today:

[url=]Coinflation dot com[/url]

for instance, a 1964 Kennedy half dollar contains a little over a third of an ounce of silver, there are twenty coins in a roll, $10 [b]face[/b] value, but at todays closing price for silver, each coin is worth $5.10, hence metal value, a roll of Kennedy halves should trade at $102.00. But that aint the real world price, if you go onto Ebay, where I do my buying, a roll of good shiny 1964 Kennedy's will run you anywhere from 115.00 to 135.00. But you have to be very very careful with Ebay, there's quite a few vipers and cheats on there, but there's also good straight coin sellers. You can tell them apart, by first looking at the number of transactions, if they have over a thousand transactions and a positive rating of at LEAST, 99%, you're okay.

But you have to think of any silver purchases as an insurance policy, or like a 5 year "CD". meaning, right now, the paper dollar is still okay, and silver as quoted in NY at $14.10, but this 14.10 isnt real world, real world silver, retail is anywhere from $16 (thats when you're buying a good bit of silver coins) to $ 23 an ounce. (thats when you might pick up a roll of brilliant uncirculated 1959 Washington quarters)

I personally believe that silver will go up to $75 to a $100 an ounce, thats just my personal opinion, do not take it as any advice.

But its wise to keep a bit of folding money around, but wiser still is to ask this question, do I have 30 days worth of food and water in my house? non perishable? I'm not putting all this down to instill fear, NO! but only to be wise like Joseph. 30 days of food and water is the first step, a stash of folding money is the second, silver is the third. But we must never forget Christian charity in times of trouble, salted with wisdom and discerment.

I only buy 5 types of coins, I buy the roosevelt dime, Washington quarter, Franklin half dollar, and the 1964 Kennedy half dollar,(1965 to 71 Kennedys only contain 40% silver) all these coins are pre-1965, note that!! The other coin I buy is the American Silver Eagle, which is an ounce coin of .999 pure silver, a roll of twenty coins trades anywhere from $330 to 370 a roll (16.50 to 18.50 an ounce)

thats it, only 5 types. All American coins. That said, should the paper dollar become severely diminished would I trade a Franklin half dollar for 50 cents? No way. the way look at it, is if the paper dollar is like kleenex, and silver's at 85 dollars an ounce, and I hold a Franklin half with .36 of ounce, which I would call a HALF an ounce of silver, the person I trade better give me $50 DOLLARS worth of stuff...or no trade.

I know this sounds confusing, and I want to stop and say this: forget all this worldly talk about silver and coins and dollars, and say this;

if times get really bad, we must never forget that we are called out by Jesus, to be salt and light, and we are to preach and walk out the Glorious Gospel, the Good News of Christ and Him Crucified, not to let ourselves get wrapped in fear, and become one of "them", meaning the sons of darkness, we must always maintain the Love of Christ in our hearts for the lost and hurting, which is why one would make such preparations, so that we are able to bind wounds, feed the hungry, preach the Word, be the Word, even if it means to lose our lives in the process, that is the great test of our Faith, and I pray that God give me and you and us all the strength to be His people, children of Abraham, the Sons of Light, the Bride of Christ,to withstand this test, even until the end of the age.


 2009/6/26 14:32


Dear sister,

As for protection I have Jesus

He is MORE than enough.

but who better to have then Him

amen! I'm smiling too.

I can keep a few hundred dollars on hand

excellent, Praise God.

Also I can buy and store some food. I have about a three weeks on hand now.

that is really good, 30 days food and water. Also you might want to think about buying two of those LED camping lights that use 4 D batteries, as well as five boxes of candles from Ikea, the parrafin type, they also have stearin candles, stearin is vegetable oil candles, much better, but more expensive. Also a bit of extra soap, toilet paper, etc. Just things that you use on a daily basis, and the ability to illuminate the night, to really really read the Word, and you wont go wrong by buying at least 5 extra Bibles.

so where does that leave me? Any advice for a girl on her own??

your church family, where are they in your life?

I believe this is the time that God will test the bonds between us and our local congregations and Church families. We must bind together, not just to "make it", but to be there for those who seek Jesus in an unsettled time.

In Jesus' love, neil

 2009/6/26 14:49

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 Re: Possible "Bank Holiday" discussed

@ JoanM, i read these two articles, i can only say it was worth my time. I offer others to spare some of your time for these two too.


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