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We must know that this gifts (such as healing) and talents, God gives to man, but if the man departs from God's ways and starts doing things in his own effort in the Name of Jesus, God does not take away the gift from that people, He takes away His Spirit, His holy presence, and therefore that people still has his gift but not under the control of God.

Whoa, what is this all about?? :-?

 2009/6/26 16:22

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this is so fun!

there's more footage! another 30 minutes of footage!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

i glanced through some of the comments. someone said that one of the fruits of true repentance is 'godly sorrow'... could you give a verse where sorrow is accompanied with salvation/repentance? because i'd really like to see that, i've never heard of that before.

Jesus sang the flute, he brought the good news. romans 14, the kingdom is JOY, peace, righteousness in the Holy Spirit. the fruit of the spirit is love JOY peace patience kindness goodness......acts 8:8 there was great joy in the city, right after seeing the miracles, after people were healed.


it sort of disappoints me to see that sermonindex is here to promote 'genuine biblical revival' yet the moderators on this forum spend more time finding flaws and errors of people doing ministry. i would like to ask, when is the last time you personally led 100 people to the Lord in 1 day off the streets?

if you ask me, this disneyland testimony is a step toward what the church in Acts looked like.

and i contend and will keep contending for the day i will see 3,000 5,000 10,000 saved in one day in the same city. The only biblical model that is given to do this is spirit-filled believers walking on the streets preaching the kingdom and healing the sick.

those are my 2 cents.

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 Re: Revival in Disneyland

My response to these things is this: they are what they are.

I had someone "heal" a pain in my arm before I was saved by someone who was not saved. He had done the same to many others. I think that Ravenhill was right when he said that the more and longer he lives the more he realizes he doesn't know.

While I think that something is happening here, it doesn't seem biblical, but neither is the vast majority of preaching I have heard in my life. This, like most other gospel presentations, includes nothing of God's perfection, man's depravity, God's wrath, the need for repentance, eternity, heaven, hell, the seriousness of sin, holiness, etc, etc, etc. While it is interesting on some level, I think the spiritual depth of whatever is going on is about an inch deep.

I was hoping to see people broken in repentance when I clicked on the link; oh, well.

Hal Bachman

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I'd be glad to show you what the early church was taught about salvation/repentance. Consider the following references (it will benefit you to read the entire chapers listed)
2 Corinthians 7:10
Jonah 3
Psalm 6
Psalm 51
Luke 18:13,14

[i]i glanced through some of the comments. someone said that one of the fruits of true repentance is 'godly sorrow'... could you give a verse where sorrow is accompanied with salvation/repentance? because i'd really like to see that, i've never heard of that before. [/i]

Perhaps stating that godly sorrow is a part of repentance and salvation would be more appropiate.

 2009/7/24 1:25Profile


Brother?....sister? I always feel uncomfortable adressing another brethern by their "moniker", its just one more way of underlining how lacking this form of communication is, but let me say this, I think its "fun", more than "fun", its my firm conviction, that in this day and age of a very overt seduction of our children, by just foul forces, say the "god of this age", that anytime any of these young precious souls can hear the Name, "Jesus", I rejoice! and when He becomes [b]REAL[/b] to them, my joy is doubled.

true, its just "milk" right now, but that is where the travailing prayer of the brethern comes in, where we must have a Godly desperation for these young souls, as if they were our own children.

Drugs, the sexualization of their young pysches, the hunger for material goods, the worldview of selfishness and "me-ism", the lack of sacrifice, the lack of a God hunger, the example that the leaders of this nation set, bent on greed, bent on war, bent on fame, its a terrible terrible climate for the child spirit, and it is Jesus Himself Who so longingly craves their very souls and hearts, I know He does.

If you're in this work, or know anybody who is, let me give you this exhortation, anytime before you go out, or anytime the worms of Christ, involved in this endeavour, even comtemplate going out, you must spend hours in travailing, on your face prayer. The Foundation of any move of God is with the worker in Christ, who is willing and obideint enough to stay on their faces in prayer, seeking the Counself of the Holy Ghost, asking God to burn out any hidden sin IN US, Who may ascend the Hill of the Lord?, he who has clean hands and a pure heart.

and I'm not saying this is you, or the workers in this outreach, but God help them, if they are playing around with the Deep Things of is most unwise should they do that.

I'm not a fellow who spend a lot of time speaking out against any ministry, because I have complete faith, that my Dear Father will sort things out, that what must be exposed WILL be brought into the Light. I have no doubts about that, but I have to say this, everytime I hear the word "Vineyard", I get a check in the Spirit, and its because I have witnessed with my eyes and the Holy Ghost in me, that something is off about the Vineyard...."gold dust"?!? "holy drunkeness in the spirit"?!?

I've seen this sort of behavior exhibited, and its like a nail right thru my heart. They're talking about silly stuff like gold dust, when they should be bleeding tears and wondering why they aint covered in ashes and haven't ripped their clothing in two, its gotten that bad on the landscape, whether that landscape be in the world, or in the assemblies, whether they be a church building or a home meeting, or even on this forum. Yes, this forum, sometimes it seems to me, brethern dont even have the courage or authenticity to say, "I don't know", because everybodies got an answer for everything, hurling Scripture around, when in fact, we should realize our own pitiful state of being clay vessels looking thru a glass darkly.

Its Jesus and Jesus Alone Who will guide us out of the thicket of our corrupt flesh and fleshliness, not our head knowledge or the front we put up "looking holy". God's gaze is penetrating, and we cant hide from Him, praise His Name, praise His patience and loving Mercy!!

I want to say more, but I feel I should wind this post up, be encouraged, die to self, keep prayer and daliy study of Scripture as your foundation, and may the Lord Jesus get the Glory of these tender young souls, He went to the Cross for them, may He get the reward.

in His love, neil

 2009/7/24 3:33

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 Re: Mickey has more credibility

I just read this again, and have to agree with Greg. Here is a quote from the account:

Even gold dust showed up on many and three youths experienced supernatural weight loss as their once tight pants got looser and looser. Screams erupted as one man grew an inch taller while everyone looked on.

This is extrabiblical and cannot be substantiated in any way by scripture. Get back to the bible!

Stopped reading at the leg stretching bit ... sigh. Not any different than the norm when these tales start up and they are tales because they [i]may[/i] contain an ounce of 'truth', not unlike the made for TV accounts, 'Based on actual event's' -

But I am equating that only to the possibility of a changed heart, not an inch gain in the loafers ... What is irritating to say the least is the free wheeling attitude that lets exaggeration slip through in a pragmatic form, it just doesn't matter ... "Look at all the good ____". Flat out lying is acceptable and even encouraged ...

Yes, [i]despite[/i] it all is always the case - But must it always smack of the absurd, the untruth and the sheer manipulative, it's discredited at the onset by being a carnival at the carnival, at least Disneyland isn't putting on a false front or promising what it can't deliver.

Mike Balog

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hey thanks for the specific references, i couldn't think of any off the top of my head.

I'm re-reading my statement and I think i didn't get across what i was meaning to get across.

When you said, "Lack of godly sorrow in conversion is a red flag", it feels as if you're implying peopl e can't get saved if they never have godly sorrow.

"brokeness over sin IS the biblical attitude (and model) of true repentance"

I agree with that, but to me, that statement seems to imply that anything else isn't 'true repentance'. Even with the verses i gave like in acts and romans, they are also models of true repentance.

I'm just saying it seems like you're only looking at half of the apple.

thanks again.

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2 Corinthians 7

9I now rejoice, not that you were made sorrowful, but that you were made sorrowful to the point of repentance; for you were made sorrowful according to the will of God, so that you might not suffer loss in anything through us.

10For the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation, but the sorrow of the world produces death.

is this what you guys are talking about?

 2009/8/14 22:24Profile

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hi, i am a 70 yr old who been ministering for over 45 yrs. i was befriended by len ravenhill who when in ireland recouping from having to jump 6 floors from a burning hotel and breaking his back supported his family by praying for cancer patients from his bed and told me all were healed. when he was healed that annointing left him. i also have a friend who as a rank unbeliever had a lung removed and some ribs by surgery. his other lung was filling with t b and he went to an aa allen tent meeting and went forward in the healing line and was asked by mr allen if he had faith that God could heal him and his response was no i dont believe much of nothing. aa laid hands on him and the result was that God removed the surgical scar, gave him new ribs, anew lung and cleaned his other lung. atested by his surgeon with xrays by a local christian dr i knew. he is old and still alive today and became a powerful witness for Jesus leading hundreds to JESUS. i have also seen the false revivals of late with rudeness laughing barking etc. remember paul came not with clever speach like we come but with demonstation of power which i could write about ad nausium .jimp

 2009/8/15 2:55Profile

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