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 Bill Johnson of Bethel Church USA

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There is a difference between a deceiver, and someone who has been deceived. There is a difference between a wolf, and a sheep who has some wrong teachings... I don't know which one Prince is but I am choosing to interceded for him in prayer. He needs our prayers! Lets uphold him before God and believe that God will clean up his theology :)

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Thanks JoshG for resurrecting ds 4yr old thread. I find it very interesting. Never knew there was once such a discussion forum. Some years ago, I was deeply in love wt this our brother's teaching. Wouldn't ever miss his 30mins on Daystar wch always came either b4 or after Sister Meyer's. Surprizingly I wouldn't listen to Sis Meyer bcoz I couldn't connect wt her (may be due to her loquacity). I'd take time to go thru d comments over d years to learn more.

My initial interest in this brother's teachings were sparked off by something Derek Prince once said which I also heard d younger Prince say and that is "the law cannot put a man to death twice." I still believe this as a pure statement of fact. I'm not sure how to apply ds fact in terms but I exercise restraint when its interpreted to mean that as christians, our future sins are already taken care of, so we need not confess our shortcomings anymore. That sounds more like "once saved; forever saved." A teaching I dread more than malaria.

Bible said "grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." And these two "sisters" must not be separated. I fear that the "grace" some brothers preached these days comes without her sister Truth. I think its her sister Truth that reminds us not to remain in sin that grace might abound. Her sister Truth told me that despite d extravagant grace of God, if my eye, hand or leg will stop me from entering into Eternal life, i must cut it off, since its better to enter into Life maimed than for my whole body to be complete and be cast into hell.

Truth also told me that "if God spared not d angels dat sinned, but cast them down to hell...", then that should as an ensample to me if I ever chose to live ungodly. Truth also told me that strait is d gate and narrow d way that leads to life.

Truth also told me that the "grace of God " which brings salvation which has appeared unto all men actually teaches them to deny "ungodliness and worldly lusts and then to live soberly, righteously and godly in ds present world."

So I view with suspicion any teaching on grace that never teaches me to "deny ungodliness and worldly pleasure."

Having said that, I still love our dear brother though I find it an uphill task to sit down and give him half an hour. Moreover the position he and others like Joel Osteen shares relative to d present s piritual outlook makes it almost unnecessary to desire, pray and expect a Revival since "we can get it all made with a better understanding of God's love and grace."

God's richest blessings!

Emeka Joe Uzosike

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 Re: New Creation Church, Singapore

I think Hebrew 10:26-28 tells it clearly. Watch this documentary, which clearly tells, what the Spirit talks in you. Grace is power to perform. Not a hug; forgiveness for futural sins is not preaching of the Bible.


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