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Re: One more thing... the hit and run poster also claimed that Joseph Prince was not a false teacher because he uses the Bible to back up his preaching.

So? do the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Joseph Prince does not use scripture, he misuses scripture. So does your beloved Rhema school.

(I apologize for not being sharp enough to know how to use the "Quote" feature.)

This is not true, friend. Though they falsely claim they believe the Scriptures, anyone who knows the Scriptures know they lie and deceive just like the Mormons. The one claim Jesus is the archangel, Michael and the other that Jesus and satan are brothers.

The Word, rightly divided, exposes all false doctrine, but we all "know in part," so we're ALL in the place of having and believing error. We should therefore be merciful in our judgment because we want mercy shown to us.

And taking a slap at Rhema without soundly and thoroughly presenting Biblical evidence will also be addressed below.


Unfortunately, what I rarely see recognized in a thread goes unnoticed in this one also. This is that all men of God "know in part" and err in their messages. I've been a Believer for 40 years and haven't seen an exception, though some men of God are very circumspect in their preaching and quite a bit must be heard by them before their errors are noticed. This circumspection is a good thing and under-appreciated.

Criticism is EASY. Every man of God and every denomination can be justifiably criticized and condemned if their errors only and short-comings are considered. Is that what we're supposed to do? Not according to Scripture.

That we all "know in part" is far weightier than is supposed. The humility it should inspire is dismissed for the pride of praising our favorite preachers and condemning those with whom we don't agree rather than giving due consideration to the Divine tension in contrary doctrines that is clearly and evidently God-ordained. God could have written His Word with ample support of the dogmatism that so appeals to most Christians, but He chose instead to tell us there is such a thing as wisdom and encourage us to get it, along with humility, discretion, moderation and meditation. Yet, where are the voices that recognize and exalt humility, prudence, discretion and love towards those with whom we disagree?

Why is love of the brethren valued far behind pointing out their errors? Because we're comparatively full of pride and empty of love. It is that simple. Imagine walking up to a gathering of friends to have one say, "Well, it's _____, whose errors include but are not limited to ______"? This is nowhere considered appropriate, yet to do it from a distance is a source of pride for us. "Joseph Prince has an audience of millions but I'm smarter and know correct doctrine better than he." Then tell us why God hasn't exalted you to the place of him. Or do you not believe Ps 75:6-7 belongs in your Bible?

We refuse to value Paul's admonition in 1Cor3, and fail to even grasp its full significance. For men to say, "I am of ..." acknowledges that they see a difference in the messages of different men. Any thoughtful consideration of the men of God in Scripture shows us they are all unique, even as they are also all alike.

Serious and holy meditation on these things shows that the criticism of MOST preachers is nothing more than a similar manifestation of the carnality which Paul addresses. The reality, attested by Scripture, is that EVERY man errs with his tongue, i.e. (for this example), every preacher preaches things wrong, out of balance, with the wrong focus or simply fails to teach and preach things that are important and valuable -- every one I've ever heard. So, should we criticize EVERYONE? Where would we get the time and how would we then obey Phil 4:8?

As Believers who believe in the New Covenant of *TWO* Commandments, love dictates that we bear with the preacher who errs (all of them), examine ourselves and our own doctrine, ask God for wisdom how to pray for them and recognize the unerring truth of Romans 2.

The body of Christ is greatly divided, not because of false preachers, as is claimed by so many, but by the carnality and lack of love, grace, wisdom and obedience to the Spirit and Word of God by those who falsely think they are "protecting the body" with their vile, unbelieving and unloving remarks towards the preachers and Believers with whom they personally disagree.

We should all be growing. If you believe the same thing in five years that you believe now, you are not growing. If you say you believe exactly the same thing now you believed five years ago, you have a hard heart and a deaf ear to God.

Jesus said the world would know us by our love for one another yet there is no more contention and strife to be found than in Christian forums (of course, my reference is "friendly" forums). There's something seriously wrong with this picture and it doesn't take a genius to figure it out yet the criticism of preachers and Christians "we don't like" (under they false charge of "they're teaching false doctrine" -- which is a charge that could honestly be leveled against our favorite teachers and preachers also) is, in truth, pride, lack of love, lack of wisdom and lack of the true knowledge of God.

Blessings to you and may you recognize the wisdom of God when you hear it.

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 Re: Joseph Prince

I recommend these sermons on Grace:

Spirit of Grace and Power - Zac Poonen

The Riches of His Grace:

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dear bb, wonderful post that full of grace and wisdom.jimp

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Well I listen to pastor Prince.. guess what.. my life would be far from perfect,had an abusive husband, who got me into serious debt,functioning now kinda like an single parent. Suprising to hear all this comments about Pastor Joseph Prince being a prosperity preacher when all he taught me was that Jesus LOVES me.. wow was that enough!! Been a born again christian for years, prayed for the sick and demon posessed but ever since i know God loves me unconditionally, i just view him in a totally diffrent light.. i constantly get shivers and tingles down my body just hearing bout Him. I am not minting money but have NEVER lacked, the simple fact that He would give his son, his only son, the son he loved, and give him up GLADLY for ME. Wow! there right there is the answer to your every doubt and every question! I know Who holds the future and Who is holding my hand now.. like I said im not minting money, but even ppl are baffled as to how Im able to pay all my bills and have extra to give away and I also tithe my 10%, I even have live in help, my salary is among the highest in its bracket, I never prayed to be prosperous, I just learnt HE loves me. If my believing is wrong, then my life should somehow reflect this. But i love my life and I LOVE Jesus.. and each time i listen to Pastor Prince all i hear is HOW MUCH JESUS LOVES ME and i know that i can life without a lot of things but I CANT LIVE WITHOUT HIS LOVE. Its amazing how some people listen to him and all they hear is MONEY when all i hear is LOVE.

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well JP is kind of tricky, he does sound like he is preaching the Word but he does bring destructive doctrines secretly

2 Peter 2:1–3 " But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber.

God Bless

David Cisneros

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 Joseph Prince - Prince of "Radical Grace"

While he has preached Jesus and His Word that Joseph Prince is now famous. Many in USA, Europe, Australia do not know the workings of New Creation Church inside. I know because I have served in various ministries there.

Yes, The Senior Pastor, JP, preached Grace. Yet the administration personnel practise legalistic grace. What do you mean? If you serve, it must be because you serve out of love for Jesus. Hence if you serve, you must not question how the administrators insist of you {notice that they insist on you a lot - and no excuses}. If you make mistakes, they have no grace to forgive but to kick you out even if it's a simple mistake. The administrators shout and demands a lot. Here Joseph Prince preached before: Grace supplies and Law demands. See: the Administrators of NCC demands and you being servers Supplies out of Grace.

Then about care groups situation is not too rosy. Certain Pastor insists on certain place be removed because that certain pastor did not like the leader or the leader's family but he used a family situation saying that the child of the family will cause disruptions but no such thing ever happened. Is this grace? Yet when this was finally reported to Joseph Prince, he did not interfere but allowed the Administrators and that certain Pastor to have his say. Thus many care group members of that location were without any place until now; why? Because that certain pastor brought in Joseph Prince long time ago and somehow, respect was accorded to that pastor.

From the above incidents, do you think what Joseph Prince preaches have assimilated into the culture of New Creation Church, Singapore? Dont think so because now other pastors view the care group leader and family as traitors for airing complaints. So much for grace! Then again, to be fair, Joseph PRince is indeed anointed to preach the message of grace but do we account practice as important as the theory?

The rest of the pastors are not as anointed as Joseph Prince and the point is that when a man of God is so anointed, does it mean that such a man can make no mistakes? No! He's still in the flesh and I forgive him. Will the rest forgive him>? In our church, the rich and the powerful occupy 2nd front, 3rd front and 4th front rows in the main auditorium.
All other ordinary members who tithe less than a certain amount must queue for the entry tickets while these rich tithers can come in just before service because they have been alloted seats. That - is it grace?

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 Joseph Prince

Thank you for the messages.

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 Re: New Creation Church, Singapore

I agree with you that one does not judge a preacher according to what he preaches. I would say, what he or his family practise is more important. I would say, what his other pastors and admin staff practise is equally important.
He wants everyone to be rich! For their own sake? or for the church's sake so that they could support the building of the S$500 million church in One North?
Those rich tithers get good seats, and given special audience with the pastors but other members? guess. Joseph Prince actually said in the pulpit that he cannot be expected to fellowship with everyone and anyone in church. Those words mean a lot to a lot.

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 Joseph Prince - Prince of "Radical Grace"

Do not borrow from another's testimony! Good to be inspired by good testimonies and good preaching like Joseph Prince. However, one has to read the bible herself to understand and get the revelations directly from God. It's an Open Heaven for all believers and you can download Revelations from Heaven and from Jesus as you call upon HIM JESUS to guide you as you read the Words of the Bible. They become alive when you get it directly from JESUS and you get miracles. You dont get miracles just copying another person or another preacher. You copy directly from JESUS through HIS ANOINTED WORD. Amen

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 Listen to Bethel Church: BILL JOHNSON - He's truly anointed

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