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Joined: 2003/7/31
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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

May God bless you and keep you through this season of sorrow. We will miss him.

Pastorfrin chronicled his walk through the valley in the following thread, it is an inspiration to the body of Christ...

[url=]Yea though I walk through the valley[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2009/6/15 16:48Profile

 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

Dear Mrs. Frin,

My heart rejoices that our dear beloved Pastor Frin has slipped into the arms of Jesus to continually dwell in His holy presence and is now free of all pain and sorrow...and my heart mourns with his beloved family who must continue living the rest of their brief sojourn on this earth without him. May Jesus give you comfort and grace for you and each one in your family during this time. May you find in His faithfulness strength for today and hope for tomorrow. May His loving care be with you always.

[i]His Loving Care

His loving care-a mantle tender warm
To brave the roughest seas, the fiercest storm
His loving care-when all seems gone astray
And every fibre cries-too much to-day!

His loving care? Yet tears flow through the night
When all seems dark and satan dims the light
Oh bloodwashed child of God, hear angels cry
He loves and cares-do not His name deny.

And when in heaven all is said and done
And thou through trials Thy crown hast won
Thy voice will ever long to sing
The loving care and mercy of thy King.

~ Jennifer Rene Daniel[/i]

With love in Jesus,

 2009/6/15 17:16


We will miss our brother in Christ. My heart is with all of his family and I pray that the comfort of the Lord descends upon you guys in a time of great saddness............Frank

 2009/6/15 17:45

Joined: 2006/5/22
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Nottingham, England

 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

Though this might seem like sad news, the fact is our loss is his gain.

I did so appreciate his posts, which were Christ centered.

He is where we all long to be, and we will meet again someday.

Thank you.

God bless.

 2009/6/16 5:20Profile

Joined: 2005/1/9
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Germany NRW

 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

I always loved to read his posts. I could see the wisdom of one who walked with the Lord for a long time. What a nice final to be called home peacefully after delivering the word. Although I am sad about his departure I am also happy for him at the same time.


 2009/6/16 7:47Profile

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

[i]He ministered the word that Sunday morning and laid down for a nap after church and simply slipped into the arms of our Lord Jesus. We miss him oh so much but know he is in a much better place.[/i]

Dear Mrs. Pastorfrin ...

The limits of expression fail me here. Thank you kindly for coming back to lets us all know these things ... Your husband - His spirit here ... his kindness and forbearance, his silence spoke so many more words rather than retaliation so often - He oozed forgiveness without a sound, Oh I could wish for a better .. wordless articulation. He is greatly loved.

My prayers for yourself and family, I cannot say enough ... I hope you will always feel at liberty to convey anything on your heart here, anytime ...

It is so very bittersweet - He passed on more to me personally than I can say - Better that I might honor him by appealing to what he appealed to in so many of his contributions.

My heart and love to you all. God bless you and keep you

Mike Balog

 2009/6/16 9:09Profile

Joined: 2008/5/6
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Praying for you and your family. His testimonies really inspired me! He was a blessed man and you are a blessed woman. Thank you so much for pouring into his life and standing by him. Our God is awesome! May He fill you with the peace that passes all understanding as you and your family mourns and rejoices. One of God's chosen has gone home! Hallelujah! Ginnyrose didn't have a bad idea about the book...what an encouragement that would be to everyone who read it! May God continue to bless and keep you!
In Christ,

 2009/6/16 9:24Profile

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