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 Regarding pastorfrin

Dear Children of the Lord,

May 17, 2009 pastorfrin finished his journey through the valley and is now rejoicing with our Lord.

Please forgive the time lapse of me getting this news to you, as I just found his SI information while reading through some of his writings.
He ministered the word that Sunday morning and laid down for a nap after church and simply slipped into the arms of our Lord Jesus. We miss him oh so much but know he is in a much better place.

Thank you all so much for your love and prayers during this time of trial and please continue to pray for our family as we carry on in my husband’s absence. I’m now living with one of our daughters and her family which helps with the loneliness as time passes. One day soon we will all be reunited and oh, what a day that will be.

God Bless you all

Wife of pastorfrin

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West Monroe, LA

 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

God bless you dear wife of this most blessed man of God. He has been and will be sorely missed here on this site. And may God continue to bring you the comfort and peace as the days pass... so soon we shall all be in the bliss that there are no words to describe, seeing Him face to face.


Clint Thornton

 2009/6/15 9:39Profile

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 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

Dear Wife,

Thank-you so very much for giving us an update. Somehow I wondered if this is not what happened?

There was no doubt that he loved his LORD. His posts radiated that love and it was so inspiring! We will miss him and you will so much more, I am sure.

Now that you are alone maybe you could write the book of life with him from your perspective. He shared what his was like while he struggled with - oh, what is it called? He said how you stood by him when it got so bad...Seems to me you have a lot to share that would benefit many, especially women.

God bless, sister...and come back here again...

Love and Blessings,

Sandra Miller

 2009/6/15 9:57Profile

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 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

God was so good to give us all extra time. And to give you the SI information. Well I remember his words and his heart for God and neighbors (among whom I count myself though i am half a world away). As you experienced there is much Divine love here for your family. Divine love never ends.

His last message must be very dear to you all there. Wish we could have heard it. We know he was at peace with the heart of God as he shared with us last year during difficulties.

Praying sweet wife

 2009/6/15 10:00Profile

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May God Bless and keep you in your loss.
I would really like to hear Pastorfrin's last Sermon.

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 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

Sister pastorfrin,

My wife and I are praying for you and your family. May the God of all comfort give you peace...that passes all understanding. Yes, we who know Christ long to be where pastorfrin is. "[i]To live is Christ...but to die is gain[/i]."


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 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

Oh bless you for letting us know what happened to pastorfrin. He had a very special place in my heart. It was somewhere around the May 17th that the Lord had me praying for pastorfrin again.

He ministered the word that Sunday morning and laid down for a nap after church and simply slipped into the arms of our Lord Jesus.

Oh the blessed peace of our Lord Jesus.

Now I am going to go cry for awhile and praise the Lord for the time that pastorfrin was with us.

 2009/6/15 12:57Profile

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Thank you for letting us know, may God bless you all, i know he had a large family and i can only imagine the struggles that follow. But knowing Gods provision and grace we can rejoice in the fact he is home with the Lord. May God strengthen his wife and his children. I will pray for you. Your husband was a great blessing and encouragement to me in the forums and personal messages. A line from scripture that to me makes me reverence our brother and bring his passion for Jesus are these.

[i]blessed are the peacemakers....[/i]

Now he entered the perfect peace.

brother Christian


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North Central Florida


Dear Ladyfrin,

How wonderful you have the comfort of your children in this time. Your message was appreciated. Although we never see one's face on the Forum, we come to feel we know the person. Your husband will be missed here. Hopefully, you will come back and join us often. As ginnyrose pointed out you have much the women here can learn from.

Kindest regards & prayers for your family,
White Stone


 2009/6/15 14:05Profile

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 Re: Regarding pastorfrin

Mrs. Frin,

I can not even begin to imagine what it would be to lose such sweetness in life. I will be praying for the Lord to fill the hole in your heart with Himself - that He would fill you to capacity and then to overflowing - that others may clearly see the beauty of being found in Him.

You, and your children, and your grandchildren will all be in my prayers.

In His Love

 2009/6/15 15:23Profile

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