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[b]of course[/b] I read your posts, very word. If I profess I that I love you in Christ, why would I not walk out that love, by respecting you, by reading the words you write to me, the time you have taken?

and I have no judgement on Billy Graham one way or the other. Thats not even why I posted up Fred Phelps, to argue or dispute the ministry of Billy Graham, which has little to no impact on my faith walk.

As far as "slaying" Fred Phelps, brother Walt, that man is doing quite fine in slaying his own witness. I'm sure the Phelps family thinks that the reason they receive such scorn and persecution is that they [b]perceive[/b] they are doing the Lord's work, which most assuredly they are not, as there is a tremendous anti-christ spirit about them, a spirit of fleshly anger, and coarse talk, vituperativeness hurled out at any and all, including the Body of Christ.

How do I know they demonstrate this spirit of anti-christ? Watch Fred Phelps speak? Do you see the Holy Spirit within him, the love of souls, love of the lost, jealous and zealous for souls?

No, you do not, instead one sees a spirit of gloating over the death and destruction of the lost, you see anger, and yes, you see hatred, raw and naked, and this is not of Messiah, therefore it is [b]anti[/b]-Messiah.

Look at their posters, what word do you repeatedly see? "Hate" "Hate" "Hate" "Hate", and yet they fancy themselves as "warning" people, which is how they self-justify their "ministry" of anti-christ.

I never thought you would respond in such a way, otherwise I NEVER would have put that video of Fred up, in fact, now I am regretting it, because it impelled you into turning this into a thread about Billy Graham, and I understand fully the Godly disappointment you must feel, as this was once an evangelist you admired, and now are grieved by his witness, and that just makes me feel horrible that I should stir up such bad taste in your mouth. I'm not kidding you.

Believe it or not, I prayed for the Phelps family this morning, that God turns their hearts of stone into hearts of Christly love, zealous for souls. I prayed for them. and as far as "silencing" their I silence no mans message, as God speaks to each one of us, and emboldens us via His Spirit to obey His Call on each of our lives. and believe me, they have quite an in house team of family lawyers that avail themselves of civil rights monies to defend their 1st amendment rights, and they frequently bring lawsuits against both secular and church bodies who attempt to prohibit or to torque back their "demonstrations"....and when this happens, many times, rather than be involved in contorted legal maneuverings, the objects of their legal venom will "settle" for smaller amounts, this is how they are able to continue to buy the plane tickets they need, to travel cross country to "picket" at soliders funerals.

A disturbing trend has begun to develop in the Westboro method, and it is this, since the sting of celebrating the death of soliders has become "old news", they have now begun a campaign of picketing synagogues and Jewish organizations throughout America, wiping up a campaign of hate with signs such as "Jews killed Jesus, God hates Jews", as they know this will whip up a hornets nest of contention, and thus media coverage, because this "witness" will bring about it charges of anti-semitism.

Walter, I understand the Godly grief you feel about Billy Graham, but recognize that this "messenger" Phelps is not about preaching Christ and Him Crucified, and the wonderous Provisions inherent in the Blood, but Phelps is intent on satiating his own fleshly anger and lust for notice and negative publicity.

In Jesus' love, neil

 2009/6/15 4:56

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The FIRE of anger is not the FIRE of the Holy Spirit.

Indeed, as James 1 says, "the anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God." Of course, there is such a thing as holy anger, and a time for flipping over the tables of the money changers. Having actually done such a few times though, I must say, such displayed holy anger is an exceptional rare thing. It must be coupled with an absolute jealousy for the glory of God, and nothing else. Otherwise it is a false fire and stinks of hell on earth. Most holy indignation can still be shown in a gentle and kind way, where a simple and loving word of rebuke in due season will suffice.

Personally speaking, I've seen a lot of this fleshly manner of speaking in the name of God and it makes me sick. It's become especially demonstrable with many street preachers who do nothing but rail at sin all day and fail to preach Christ. Such individuals obviously have no love for their audience.

It is obvious such persons are full in their own hearts of the very subject matters they speak of: sin and hell. And how do we know this? Because it is out of the abundance of the heart, Jesus said, a man speaks. If a man is full of Christ, He will speak about Christ. Christ will be the center of his preaching, even if he does have to preach hard against sin.

If you want a great example of preaching hard against sin, yet in a gentle and Christ centered manner, I would encourage you to check out a sermon available on the "Sermons" section of my web site below entitled, "Eunuchs for Christ's Sake." I preached very hard against the endless cycle of divorce/remarriage we see in our society (and the church) today. Yet I did so in a very loving way. And because of it, the congregation was utterly stunned and slain who heard that message that night. It came across and was well received for what it was, the word of the Lord, even though it was a very "hard" message. There were some who were angered and offended over the word that was spoken, but let me be clear, it was over the word they stumbled, and not me.

Jimmy H

 2009/6/15 6:22Profile

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