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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Maybe we should pray for the elections in Iran this Friday?

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 Maybe we should pray for the elections in Iran this Friday?

I don't know what your political stance is. It would seem that this leader Ahmadinejad is problematic. I know it's a given to pray for our leaders, this may have some special significance.

If you want to express your views that is fine negative or positive. If you do agree maybe leave a comment that you agree to bump the subject up. Or maybe write a prayer for this situation.

As an afterthought side note I also thought to probably pray for this Ling lady journalist and her friend who were imprisoned in N. Korea since they were probably seeking to do good so as to expose some things going on there and stir people to action. I think this is an action of being salt it is a humanitarian and maybe to some of them that is all it is. However we are also for humans and shouldn't not be because others are only for humans and should encourage those seeking to do this good and not discourage it. I mean I have heard that some are treated in Holocaust type conditions and yes I think that we should also care for the torture of Gentiles as well.

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 Re: Maybe we should pray for the elections in Iran this Friday?

Unless we know the will of God of what to pray for in praying for Iran, the will of God will proceed with or without our prayer. It is God who sets up kingdoms and tears down another. I wouldn't know what to pray in regards to that country, I have my own city to consider and the people that God chose me to live amongst.

When you read the Old Testament, when ever Israel rebelled against God, God chose another nation to take them into bondage. The United States has stood for the gospel of Jesus Christ and now it's rebelling. God has chosen North Korea, Iran and other nations to cause trouble for the U.S. It always starts out with diplomacy, than harassments after that WAR.

But if you feel the Spirit of God upon you to pray, don't quench it, give into it and pray.

LORD, your will be done in Iran.

God Bless

 2009/6/10 17:30

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thanks for your thoughts I also have the same often.

I think we want to pray for Israel and so should pray for those seeking to attack them.

I think we do not want an evil religion ruling or some diabolical leader so we should pray for godly influence.

I know that we are called to pray for our leaders that we may live a quiet and peaceable life in godliness.

I know that God is sovereign, but that our prayers change things.

So if you are saying that God is sovereign so our prayers don't matter or change anything I think that is wrong. Or if you are saying that we have to have a specific prophecy to pray for these things I don't think that correct either as we have general things we should be praying for. I don't really think you are saying either of these things but just in case as I do not really know you.

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I think we want to pray for Israel and so should pray for those seeking to attack them

So, what would this kind of prayer look like? I am getting convinced it would be in Israels' best interests if the USA would stay out of her affairs and allow God free reign to work things out to bring the Jews back to him, same for the other surrounding nations. I often times wonder what would happen if [so-called] Christians would butt out of trying to influencing secular governments....

Folks get so tied up in knots about political affairs here and abroad that they lose sight of the sovereignity of God. They have lost their ability to submit to the LORDSHIP of God even in civil affairs. Unless you know about a particular situation it seems to me one could do more for the sake of the kingdom by giving more attention to your own relationship with God and how submitted you are to maintaining it.

My opinion..


Sandra Miller

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