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 Saved Catholics?

Hi, uh, I have a question that I have been pondering and I'd like some general input and counsel on the matter and to hear from the understanding and experience of fellow brother and sisters.

I have been looking into the subject of Roman Catholicism for sometime now. I understand that many heresies are taught from them.

I have generally just figured that at least some of the people there are saved. Some would argue with me that it is more then only a few. Some Churches and denominations even somewhat conservative ones don't always seem to take a hard stand on Catholics that much.

So I am still looking into it. I know that Catholics have a lot of similar doctrines though I know this can also be deceiving but not quite as much as with the Mormons I would say obviously. So, I think that there may be at least some saved there.

One of my questions is that I have tried to observe Catholics to see if I could ever see any saved ones. I really have not ever seen this, but such can be the case in Christian Churches in which some most are not saved. Have you ever known any Catholics to be saved? I have seen some Catholics that seem to be very devoted to Christ and have some solid doctrine but since I don't personally know them I cant say all about them.

There is also the charismatic movement in which many evangelicals are embracing it or probably more specifically the Charismatic Christians.

There are also books that are received by men like whats his name... Henry Nouwen and probably others.

I even remember reading a book by Richard Wurmbrand in which he says that when he was in prison he knew some Catholics who under torture blew all of the professed Christians away and even himself and greatly respected them! I have always thought that under persecution the Church would not divide so much, but not sure how far I would go with that.

From what I am told the Catholic Church in its earlier stages produced a lot of good for Christ namely Augustine and so forth and am not so sure what changes took place when.

I also read of a lady named Madame Guyon and she also seems to be greatly received as I guess she was a reformer semi protestant?

So... I think you know what I am asking please give some input on doctrine, your thoughts on how many saved if any, knowing anyone saved, and anything else I left out.

Lastly, I was also told that the Catholic Church is different in different places as it is with Christian. For instance Mary worship is very strong in South America. So in light of this it is also hard to make a judgment on the Catholic Church.

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 Re: Saved Catholics?


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