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This world is not my home anymore.



ginnyrose wrote:
When I listened to Obama's speech I thought that is a good political speech. He is a politician, wants world peace, especially between Muslims and the Western nations...can't really fault the man.
.... (edited)
Personally, I am coming to the point where I no longer trust 'politics' - the ones we did think that were honorable, are not. It is so easy to become entangled with worldly affairs that we soon get all tied up in knots and forget that we are merely strangers and pilgrims and are looking for a heavenly city wherein dwelleth righteousness. And ya sho ain't gonna see it he-ya!



I listened to his speech as well and there were definitely things I "HAD" to agree with. You are right, he is a politician and he was such a hard line liberal coming into this Presidency and while listening to his speech at least, I could see and hear that for the sake of peace, some of those hard lines being flip-flopped on!

It was a very thought out speech. The last couple of weeks, this may be just for me and no one else, it seems clear (to me anyway), that we are living in Babylon and he could be Nebuchadnezzar (not that that is a bad thing - study Nebuchadnezzar, he wasn't a bad man!)

I'm babbling but the point I'm trying to make is not to argue if America is Babylon BUT to point out Daniel's behavior and those of his close associates! They didn't defile themselves with the "things" of Babylon; they stayed true to their God while the majority of captives partook of the freedom of "being in captivity." They (the other 49,996 captives) had assimilated into the Babylonian ways, spirit, mind and body.

Daniel and three others did not assimilate and even in the process of not assimilating; they stood by and supported their ruler. How were they able to do this? They were totally submitted to God (spirit, soul, mind, and body); before they submitted to the ruler. We all like to think "I submit to God!" but do we?

All I'm saying is from looking around at how we Christians act, there are not very many 100% submitted Christians (to God), [b]including me[/b]; if we go by the book of Daniel and the rest of the Bible. That's just my two cents!

God bless,


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it seems clear (to me anyway), that we are living in Babylon and he could be Nebuchadnezzar (not that that is a bad thing - study Nebuchadnezzar, he wasn't a bad man!)

There are a lot of people who think we are living in the end times. Many are suggesting Muslims will figure predominately in endtime prophecy. (I understand this reasoning.) Forty years ago it was thought it was the Catholics and the pope...

Last Sunday a DVD was shown in our church by Joel Rosenberg, "Epicenter", I think it was titled. He makes the point that we are close to seeing the armies from Gog and Magog descend upon Israel.

After we came home, I checked out Revelation. And this battle is to not occur until the end of Jesus' thousand year reign. Rosenberg referred to OT scriptures, not once the Revelation ones (if I recall), so I am left baffled - wish I could listen to it again. I am now beginning to question all those who are making dire prophecies based on world events that appear to be the fulfillment of prophecy.

In any case, it is back to what does the LORD say although I understand the logic behind people's questions. They are good questions but one must be accurate Biblically. And that means I need to study Revelation, Ezekiel closely to see whether these things are so.


Sandra Miller

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Your wisdom and experience ... well said, throughout.

Mike Balog

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