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 Prayer in School

Please pray for our youth. We are really struggling to develope a vision that God has given us to encourage others to pray> We put together a website about two years ago and it has recently been attacked (please pray for us)

With "" we want ot encourage our generation to pray! If you have any ideas that would make this site and this idea more effective please fill me in!
When we first began to develope the ciriculum for "" ministries we talked with alot of kids on the subject of prayer. And one young boy (about 8) put it in a way that was so simple yet so easily forgotten by many adults even.
He said, "When i talk to God i talk to him like i'm talking to my best friend...because i am!"
This same kid had been through his parents divorce and, unfortunantly, his mom remarried and one day i got a call that his step dad had been arrested for beating his mom up and it happened right in front of him and his sister. When i showed up to talk with the family that little boy came and met me at the door and said something that made me know that God had been useing our influence for his glory in that young boy's life. He said, "Roy, i was so scared but the first thing i did was pray." His sister (who is a couple years older then he) said that he came and got her and they went to the bathroom and prayed! Some time has went by now and (without going into the details) let me just say that God has moved in their family. They attend church regularly and God is in that home. And those two children know that God heard their prayer! That's what this ministry is all about....teaching and encouraging kids to prayer! Because God has promised that if we call upon him he will hear and answer our prayer. No matter how young (or old) we may be.
Be encouraged...God Loves You!
Roy Belt

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 Re: Prayer in School


If you can teach prayer from the perspective you just outlined, you will get attacked, no doubt. Too many times I get the sense that folks are pushing prayer, using it as a political tool. In this sense prayer is merely a ritual, not talking with God. No law can outlaw this communication. Not even the Supreme Court.

God bless you...


Sandra Miller

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You are right! One thing we want to convey for certain is that kids (or anyone for that matter) can pray...but even if the time comes when they cant; they must be couragous lik Daniel and pray anyway!

I think that it is important when talking to kids about the subject of prayer in school we don't use harsh or militant words towards the school system.
We should be careful not to pit the school and the student against one another as to make them enemies.

The school will be a major influence in the life of the student...they spend a great deal of time there. That’s why I felt the need to explain this in a way that shows kids that the school will allow them the right to pray.... Instead of the attitude that says...the school can't keep you from praying.

We can teach our kids to stand up for Christ without breeding rebellion to authority!
Sometimes I think that more damage has been done (to confuse and distort the facts) by those who fight for prayer in school than the actual law has done. Not intentionally, of course, but, perhaps, by not keeping the mind of Christ and the spirit of love when confronting this issue.

There are school administrators and parents who will be miss-informed as well.... That’s why we want to educate students to there privilege as Americans, and Christians, to pray. Do you agree with this?

God Bless Roy Belt

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