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 Please pray for my Mom

This is really a long story, and it's been quite a journey, but I am going to try to put it all in a nutshell....
Ever since my Mama was pregnant with her tenth child, Micah (who turned two this May), she has had countless physical ailments, most of them *seemingly* unrelated. She has lost about 100 pounds, and she can't eat hardly anything solid anymore. She has visited numerous doctors, even out-of-state, and they've run just about every test on her imaginable. No one can find anything wrong with her. Whenever she eats most foods she experiences excruciating pain a couple hours later, so now she prefers to just not eat most things to try to avoid pain. Still, some days even mashed potatoes or yogurt hurt her. I can't tell you how it grieves me to see her eating baby food day after day, and still helping make the meals for our large family. She continues to lose weight. She has done so much research, trying to at least figure out what's wrong with her, but none of us have really able to put a finger on it.

She has been a faithful example to all of us of trusting the Lord. Though she still wants to be healed, she has now accepted the fact that this is the way things are for her right now, and she can continue to walk with the Lord and grow closer to Him, and praise Him no matter what He chooses to allow in her life. One thing she is thankful for is that food is no longer an idol in her life!

I wanted to share all this and ask that you all join us in praying for my Mom, whether it be for her complete healing or that she continue to persevere and be sustained... whatever our precious Lord wants. Her name is Amy.
Also, she is expecting to hear the results of a test sometime within the next couple of weeks. She would be so excited if SOMETHING were to show up... if they could just find something, maybe it would help shine some light on what her problems are and what we could do to ease or cure them.

Please also pray for my Dad, that he would continue to have wisdom in what decisions to make concerning my Mom's healthcare, and in the guidance of our family. Please pray for me and my nine younger siblings that we would daily honor our parents, learn to daily "rise up and bless" our mother, and pick up the slack on the days when Mom is in bed or gone to doctor appointments. I praise the Lord that He has used my Mom's illness to draw us closer together as a family in many ways. Pray that this continues to happen. He has also been showing me through all this lately HOW selfish I am. He is doing a work of repentance in my heart and I praise Him for that. Please pray that I would continue to repent of my pride and self-centeredness as He reveals it to me and that I would continue to learn to serve my family with joy and diligence, never expecting anything in return. I want to learn to be faithful in the very little things.

I bless the Lord for His faithfulness to all of us, and thank Him for the faithfulness of the believers in our area who are such a blessing!

May the name of the Lord be glorified.
Thank you so much for your prayers!

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 Re: Please pray for my Mom

Bless you MadiGrace.

I will be praying for Mercy to be poured out upon your Mother. Amen, Mercy LORD Jesus.

GOD Bless you and your strength and love for Him. There's no way that He hasn't been touched by what you've written here, from out of your heart. Touched me very much as well.

GOD continue to draw you close and comfort and strengthen you.
GOD Bless you.

 2009/6/1 23:57

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 Re: Please pray for my Mom

Praying for your Mom, Dad, you and your whole family. You have blessed my spirit this morning. You and your family are an inspiration to me and my family. I am going to relate this story to my kids...ages 15, 8, 7, and 5. Continue to trust God. He will continue to keep you. Remember that Jesus says in John 16:33 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." In Romans 8:37 Paul tells us that we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. You and your family will get through this! I pray for peace and understanding. I pray that the precious Holy Spirit will minister to your every need. God minister in their hearts and lives today, at this very moment. Strengthen Mom and Dad. Encourage them this day. Bring peace and understanding to all of the kids. God use this family to make Your glory shine. May hearts and lives be changed by these humble and brave souls. May they keep leaning on Your Everlasting Arms and keep leaning not on their own understanding, but continue to lean on Yours. Touch Mom's body, I pray, in Jesus' name. Thank You for Your grace and mercy in all of their lives. Continue to pour it out upon them. We praise You and You alone! And we give You all of the glory and honor and praise forever and ever! In Jesus' sweet, precious, and holy name...Amen and Amen.
Please keep us updated! Continuing to pray!
In Christ,
Wendy :-)

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We know you still heal today.
I know because you have healed me, and healed my Husband, in the past.
We are asking you to heal, either through the healing virtue of Jesus Christ, or give the Dr's Your Wisdom and Your Knowledge.
We ask in Jesus Name.

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 Re: Please pray for my Mom


You must be a delightful daughter to have in the home. Your surrender to the trials that has befallen your family is no laughing matter, nor a joke. It must be so very stressful to your parents with ten children to care for and not being able to carry the full responsibility.... on the other hand, you children will learn responsibility you would not otherwise. God does teach us a lot about Himself, ourselves and others when he imposes these things upon his children.

God bless you, my dear and, yes, will pray for your family....and please keep us posted on any new developments.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Please pray for my Mom

Hi madigrace,

My wife and I are praying for you and your family. May you be encouraged in the Lord!


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Thank you all so, so much for praying!
We are all so encouraged to see the responses pour in and just in knowing so many brothers and sisters are keeping us lifted before the throne. May the Lord bless you all.
I will definately keep you updated.

I also want to mention that my Mom's parents are relly in need of Jesus. In the past several years they've really come against us in a lot of ways. They claim to be Christians, but their lives are not bearing the fruit. Please pray for them and my Mom's siblings if the Lord brings them to mind. It has been neat to see the opportunities God has given Mom to be an awesome testimony to her family through all her sickness... even while they are "persecuting" her she has been able to respond with love. Pray that God softens their hearts... not so much towards us; but most importantly, towards God.

Thanks again for your love and prayers!
Love you all,
Madison, for all my fam

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