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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : What is the proper relationship between “victory” and “sin” ?

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ginnyrose wrote:
I suggest you study carefully 1 John. Read it through prayerfully several times. Then read the book of James and then read 1 John again. These words are authoritative, inspired by the Holy Spirit. You can never go wrong in making these words your own.

About sin: James 2:10 informs us that if we are guilty of one sin, we are guilty of all. Have you ever noticed that when a person [apparently] sins in one thing, that if you keep watching other sins will soon become apparent? It never fails. Sobering. Some people will label some acts sins and others will disagree. To a keen observer it will soon become obvious what is sin or not. The entire family of sin or righteousness will live there in that body.

Now go back and read 1 John and then James. This is meat, not milk.


Thanks for your insights ginnyrose. I will be taking your advice as well.


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 Re: What is the proper relationship between “victory” and “sin” ?

Hi tj,

You might find some direction from two sessions of the Greenock Revival Conference, if you have not listened to them with your question in mind.

David Guzik's presentation on 'Confession of sin' was excellent. Then, the first question addressed by the Q & A panel gave time, scripture and testimony, to how we should understand 'the blood' (of Christ). It became a thorough exposition, from the wisdom of all those who spoke.

 2009/5/31 10:39

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 Re: What is the proper relationship between “victory” and “sin” ?

Here is a link to an audio teaching that may help.


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